Want to know what I use in my business to grow my list, boost my sales, organize my day and get stuff done? Here it is. Everything on this page is something I use and highly recommend. I’ve included some examples for you too so you can see how I’m using them. Some links are affiliate links (just so you know).

Marketing Tools and Resources

Awesome service for building complete funnels from opt-in page to delivery. I used this for my Booming Business Funnel order forms and membership area.
Millions of businesses rely on wordpress for their website. This easy to use and learn platform is the absolute best for building your website. 

StudioPress – Genesis Framework
Another awesome theme for WordPress, it’s super flexible and easy to have updated. Plus, lots of designers know it so if you want to have your site tricked out, it’s easy to find someone who can do it inexpensively. I use the Genesis Framework for this website.

If you don’t want to go the route of creating a WordPress site and want a super easy way to get your products in a store online, Shopify is for you. I don’t personally use this but some of my clients swear by it.

Easiest merchant account you’ll ever set-up. Stripe works great for me. There’s no credit check and no run-around. They are really easy to use and integrate nicely with many of the shopping cart services like Premium Web Cart and ClickFunnels.

I’ve been using them since 2003 when I was a brand newbie to internet marketing. They’ve come a long way and are awesome at what they do — getting e-mails into in-boxes. They have a free 30 day trial so you can check them out.

I use WebinarJam for all my webinars. It’s an awesome way to track your results and conversions and present super professional looking webinars. The chat and Q & A features are great additions.

I use Ontraport to manage my business and customer database. I also maintain lists in Ontraport. They are great for segmentation and creating follow-ups that are unique to each member on your list based on actions they’ve taken. Check them out. I recommend getting one of their Tours so you can decide if it’s right for you. It’s pretty robust so may not be needed when you’re first starting.

You’ll need a URL for your business website. Get it through GoDaddy. You can find cheaper rates but they’re reputable, have been around forever and have great customer service.

I use hostgator for website hosting for all of my sites. They are rarely ever offline and their customer service is super helpful. It’s easy to set up your WordPress site with them.

Survey Like a Pro with SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey is an excellent utility to survey your potential and current customers. Surveying allows you to know your customer, understand their needs and identify needs and wants.

Elance is a site that enables you to find service providers for everything from voice-over, copywriting, website design and more. We have had excellent experience with Elance. Be sure to pay attention to the reviews. You can have a website developed quickly for less than $200.00. Check out our Premier Member tutorial on “Leveraging Your Time” for awesome guidance on making the most of Elance and Guru.

99 Designs
I use these guys for logos and ad images. I love that you get multiple designers working on a project so you can pick the direction to go in. 

Another great design site. I had my Booming Business Funnel logo made here and they did an excellent job. You get to pick from multiple designers and they are always having great specials and discounts. 

YouTube is an excellent resource for posting your videos and getting embedding code to post on your site.

Pretty much everything you need to know about marketing and growing your business. I use their My Inspired Media to get great rankings with video and have implemented many of their trainings. 

Business Communication, Organization and Management Resources

If you’re not using Skype…where have you been??? This is one of the GREATEST BUSINESS TOOLS ON EARTH! Call people for FREE???? Yeah! I’ve got customers and affiliates in more than 20 countries, so Skype makes it super easy to stay in contact without having a $10K phone bill.

Keeping track of your business expenses can save you thousands on your taxes. Not keeping track of it can cost you thousands (as I learned after my first audit :p). I highly recommend taking the time to either 1. Hire a good bookkeeper who knows what they are doing and an accountant to do your taxes; or 2) Keep track of your own books using Quickbooks and hire a good accountant to file your taxes.

This company freakin’ rocks! I hate filing receipts and they do it all for me. I throw my receipts in one of the blue envelopes they send to me and toss it in the mail. They scan all the receipts, sort, file and put them online (private). It’s super easy for my account to track everything in our business with Shoeboxed and it’s amazing if you’re audited like I was. 

Another one of my FAVORITE tools! I use DropBox for all my files so I can access them from anywhere. I love to travel and have a mobile business, so whether I’m on my laptop, desktop or iPad, everything is available to me. I also share folders with my assistant so she can grab the right stuff she needs too.  

This helps me get stuff done. If you love “To-Do” lists like I do, this one is great. I just make my list in my “Today” list and check stuff off as I go. It keeps me focused and on track. Plus, it feels freakin’ amazing to see how much I’ve gotten done in a day 😉

I love Evernote and use it in a ton of ways. I have my editorial outlines on there, I outline my podcasts and videos, store copies of other people’s websites I like, take notes, copy articles, etc. etc. etc. The potential is limitless. You’ll love it!

SimpleMind is my favorite app for creating mind maps. I’ve gotten a ton of mind-mapping apps but so many of them were clunky and difficult to use. SimpleMind is super easy and helps me get a visual of what I’m completing and accomplishing. It’s really cool.