CASE STUDY: Karla Silver Stopped Being the Bottleneck in Her Business

by | Jun 22, 2022 | MLM Training, Results, Shannon Lavenia | 0 comments

Karla Silver is a powerhouse business coach who helps female network marketers scale to 6-and-7 figures in her Top Producer Academy and Top Producer Mastermind. Her zone of genius is giving network marketers digital strategies so they can ditch the home-parties, one-on-one meetings, and scale rapidly instead of slowly.

While her services and programs are in high-demand, Karla found herself completely tapped out and on the verge of physical burn-out. She came to the CEO Freedom Accelerator looking for a strategy to scale quickly that would take less of her time, not more. She has worked with other business coaches before, but no one had given her an organizational strategy for scaling.

We quickly mapped out her business flows and identified where she was spread to thin. We followed that with a hiring plan to fill the holes and give her some relief. Karla onboarded the key new team members we identified as essential and her results were exceptional.

Not only did she earn $137,000 in one month, but she was also able to continue that growth while taking a 3 week vacation to South Africa and enjoying multiple luxury safaris with her husband.


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