Get Motivated In Life with Carrie Wilkerson

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How to Sell On Webinars

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7 Ways to Get More Subscribers On Your List

In this post, I'll show you 7 ways to get more subscribers on your list. Your email list is the #1 asset in your business. It contains the names of every person who has demonstrated an interest in your business or products. It contains the names of your customers and...

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Blab is Dead – Why Live-Streaming Companies Struggle

Blab is dead. I'm sad. It was an amazing platform that got a lot of immediate attention. Super stars like Grant Cardone took to the airways and it was a way to pop-in and connect with iinfluencers and creators. So Blab is dead. So is, who closed their doors...

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Create a Booming Business That Funds Your Freedom

You can have it all. I’m here to show you how. I’m a wife, mother, passionate community leader, international speaker, author, and in-demand business strategist and coach.

My life is filled to the brim with awesomeness and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Grab the free courses I’ve created for you and attend the upcoming webinars. You’ll get exactly what you need to #Boom Your Business and live your dreams. 

We Get You.

Pursuing your passions can feel a little lonely at times. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone (and everyone else’s) to create some magic in your life. You’ve got a vision most people won’t understand and some might even think is impossible.

You’re not just pursuing your dreams, you’re achieving them. And with a little help, it can happen faster and an without as many bumps.

You need other #BizBoomers by your side to cheer you on, help you conquer those pesky obstacles, and raise you up over your adversities.

We get you. We’ve got you, BizBoomer!


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Success and Praise
  • When I was making the journey from \'struggle\' to \'results\' in business, Shannon\'s training was a life-saver. It was the real nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to win in business.....and it was wrapped in an amazing personality and a real desire to see people succeed. Highly recommended!

    Tony Rush

    Co-Founder at Business Labs Pro

  • Shannon\'s technical knowledge about marketing combined with her passion and compassion for people is a rare combination. Her teaching style is enjoyable because she spices up her knowledge with real life examples and fun stories. What I’ve learned from her transformed my business.

    Mariann Tilton

    Owner at Make It A Fun Life Inc.

  • Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe #BizBoomersAcademy. I'm grateful to be part of it!

    Jen Lehner

    Digital Marketing Strategist at

  • My first experience with Shannon\'s training was at a conference and she blew me away. Her training was practical and on point and helped me get exponentially better results in my business. I highly recommend her training!

    Andy Grant

    Owner at Blue Navigators Group

  • Shannon Lavenia is one of the most talented marketers and teachers I know. I've know this woman for over a decade and she's made a positive impact on tens of thousands of entrepreneur's lives, including mine. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I would listen to Shannon's trainings over and over. Her advice helped me jumpstart my business and grow my online presence. I'm always watc

    Karla Silver

    Owner at