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Let’s talk about the real situation… Most people are taught to live in “the box”. Get a degree. Get a job. Work your way up…

We’re indoctrinated in the “hustle culture”… work harder and you’ll realize your goals. That may have worked a generation ago, but it’s not what’s working now. Times have changed… for the better.


  • work smarter, not harder

  • use automation to drive in sales

  • grow an audience of raving fans + clients that pay you again and again

  • create true work/life balance

  • create predictable, reliable streams of ever-increasing income

  • have a business that works for you, instead of you for it.

Life is meant to be lived. It’s not an either or.

You don’t have to give up on time with your family or adventures you want to take for business success.

You can have a business you love that funds your freedom.

Your business can work for you, instead of you for it.

You can run your business, instead of it running you.

My Passion Is Giving Entrepreneurs

Systems + Strategies to Automate

Their Sales and Growth So They Can

I’m Shannon Lavenia

CEO of the Brand Builder Collective and the CEO Freedom Accelerator.

Like you, I found myself overwhelmed by my business. I had spent over a decade creating my “dream business” only to have it become a soul-crushing, emotional succubus that drained me 24/7.

As we grew into 7-figure success, my “dream business” was fulfilling me in some ways and destroying me in others.

I loved the serving our clients and helping them succeed at the highest levels. But the lack of organization I had in my business meant I was hands-on in almost everything on the day to day. Add to that our courses and launches, and I was easily putting in 12 hour days with little time for anything else.

I was wearing almost every hat, and even though I had a team, it took tremendous effort to drive in the sales.

There’s a lot to do in business – marketing, sales, delivery, finance, legal stuff, planning, social media, taking calls…and I found my hands in all of it.

Does this sound familiar?

I’d wake up with my phone and go to bed with my phone. It was exhausting.

So much so, that I secretly had thoughts of walking away.

Well, they say sometimes you need a wake-up call.

For me it was cancer.

When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, I realized I needed to find a way to operate my business without me. I couldn’t walk away from my clients or the income, but I needed to walk away from the time obligations and stress.

I took a step back and looked at my business from the outside. From there, I was able to plan, map out structure, and create processes that got my team operating without me micromanaging their every move. We streamlined our offers, created online automations and established pipelines for lead generation and sales.

In one year, my business 3x’d while I took months at a time off for treatments and healings. It was truly magical. My business has continued to scale without extra effort or attention from me, affording me more time for my family and pursuit of my bucket list. I’ve since moved to my dream home by the beach, started homeschooling my daughter, and take time for personal care.

I’m so fortunate to be married to an extraordinary man John Lavenia. In 2024 we will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.

In the 26 years we’ve been together, we have weathered some storms and enjoyed some jaw-dropping successes. We’ve had a lifetime of love, admiration, and adventures and I couldn’t be more blessed than to have this man by my side.

John and I are business partners and do everything together, as a team. You can learn more about John here.

We have a beautiful, talented, kind, creative, and wickedly smart daughter who makes us laugh daily. She’s a bundle of fun.

We enjoy traveling together and spend most weekends on adventures around the US. We also have our fur-baby.

We’ve co-created this amazing business and the programs that serve our clients.

I started my career as a high-school teacher. But low pay and long hours just weren’t for me. Fortunately, my training as an educator has transferred well to coaching and creating digital courses. Unlike most “trainers” who have no educational experience, I do.

It gives me an edge. Sometimes what you do in the past can be an incredible asset to what you create in the future.

I left teaching after 8 years to start my first business and to be real, I was an accidental success. John and I earned $1.4million in profit in our first 16 months.

How, you might ask? Well, there’s a formula we followed that we share in our programs. It’s rather simple, but works. We suffered crazy real estate losses in 2010 and had to rebuild our entire lives. We again used this formula and within 1 year were back to a substantial six-figure income.

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