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Show Notes: 

Welcome from your favorite podcast host….

Now that’s being a bit presumptuous, right?

Or is it?

Am I being presumptuous in saying I am your favorite podcast host or am I setting an expectation…am I setting a goal?

That’s what we’re talking about today: setting goals and expectations, also known as outcomes….it’s what you are working towards. It’s working with the end in mine.

You see without goals, you’re basically “working”…probably engaged in some “busy work”…right? That feeling that you’ve done a lot of…well…nothing. Without goals, you may end up with a lot of half-finished, just-started, goingnowhere projects. You may even find yourself following “great idea” after “great idea” that doesn’t actually produce anything. Consider what It is like to not have a goal: Driving with no direction.

Consider what it is like to have a goal:

If you’ve ever been on a vacation, then you know that your goal was to have a specific experience at a specific place at a specific time. Then you were able to put a plan together to make that happen. That plan then drove your actions and the outcome was that you had the vacation at the place you wanted it to take place.

The purpose of setting goals is so that you can target your work, you work along lines that get you to where you are going, you’ll have a guideline for the decisions you’ll have to make… You’ll have reasons to push through adversities, you’ll have motivation to overcome obstacles, you’ll have focus to avoid distractions and most of all, you’ll have the energy that comes from inspiration. And that energy can propel you forward, it can bring about ideas that manifest your goals, you’ll work harder but with more production than ever before.

It’s a sad but true fact that the majority of us never learn about goal setting while we are in school. Sure, we understand outcomes (aka “grades”) and consequences, but few of us are ever trained on how to set a goal or to put a plan of action together to manifest that goal.

The method of goal setting that I follow is called the SMART goal formula.

It’s a crafty acronym that is very effective. To learn more about this, I’d suggest picking up a copy of my husbands book Integrity is Everything. In it he lays out the foundation for using the SMART GOAL formula very effectively plus gives additional strategies to increased business success. So grab your pen, because I’m about to lay this out for you. or if you’re driving, you can re-listen to this later.

S – Specific

M – measurable – how is it quantified – amount?

A – attainable

R – relevant

T – time table-able

Write your goals out using this formula in present tense as though you have already achieved the goal. Then, read it aloud each morning upon waking and each evening before going to bed. Carry your goal card with you everywhere. I like to stick it in my bra ( I know, I know…TMI, right), but I like it there because I can feel it throughout the day and it reminds me what I am working towards…it keeps my energy high, my focus very aligned and attention on what I am manifesting.

Take time now to sit down and decide on your goal – what is it you really, really want. What inspires you? Use the lesson in today’s podcast to begin your path of manifestation and creation.

Here’s the link to John’s Book.

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