Imagine: You have an experienced mentor giving you step-by-step guidance on exactly WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT to help you get your business rocking FAST. You’re getting that EXTRA push to help you step out of your comfort zone and into a entirely new realm of success and achievement. Your confidence is THROUGH THE ROOF…you’re getting stuff DONE and your seeing RESULTS.

All the down-time and down emotions you struggled with as you dealt with confusion, overwhelm and frustration is GONE! That’s the value of Mentoring.

Elite athletes, top executives, and exceptional business owners all have one thing in common: Mentors & Coaches. It is nearly impossible to personally see the areas you are weakest in and recognize how to improve them. The fact is; You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. As your mentor, I will carefully view your business to identify the areas needing help and give you a strategic plan to quickly optimize your business. The unique coaching and consulting programs I offer are designed to help you achieve maximum results at a rapid pace. Select the program that fits your business needs and my team and I will get to work immediately to help you. Custom coaching programs are available upon request based on your unique needs and goals. To schedule a free consultation, click here now.

Launch Strategy Coaching

End the confusion and have a clear vision of exactly how to create your marketing and sales machines. This program is about reducing your time to market and increasing your profits. The perfect program for new solo-preneurs or entrepreneurs who have struggled to gain footing in their marketplace. With this program we will:

  1. Resolve Any Confusion or Doubt You Have About Who You Are and What You Do.
  2. Define Your Businesses Message and “Elevator Pitch”
  3. Develop your Unique Selling Proposition and Brand Statement.
  4. Evaluate your competition and develop your Business Edge Marketing Strategy so you stand out in the crowd.
  5. Create an organized Marketing Plan to you know what to do to attract attention to your business. This includes a clearly defined mind-map of your step-by-step sales cycle and promotion plan. 
  6. Review your current website and strategize improvements for maximum list growth and sales conversions. If you don’t have a website, we’ll plan the purpose, focus, and design of your site.

At the end of our program, you’ll have a clear vision and direction for your business. You’ll know what to do to successfully launch and BOOM Your Business.


  • Four one-on-one 60-minute Strategy & Implementation Calls
  • Weekly step-by-step Strategy & Implementation Programs for you to easily follow and get it done!
  • Week End Review. You’ll submit your progress with links to completed elements for a complete review. We will give you a Review Report with suggested changes and improvements.
  • Technology support. If you are stuck on any technology element, e-mail our team and we’ll help you quickly resolve your block so you can rapidly complete the needed tasks.

I’ll also connect you with the perfect vendors to help you get your business launch done!

Schedule your Launch Strategy Consultation now. Our first meeting is complimentary.

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Solution Strategy Consulting

This program is for existing businesses who find themselves dealing with a persistent problem that is hindering their growth. Whether you’re a solo-preneur or a large corporation, our team will help resolve the issue at hand and streamline an improvement program. If your business is hung-up and on the brink of experiencing losses, we can help. We will do a complete evaluation of your business, department to department, to identify the problems and give you a complete program to reverse the situation and bring about new levels of success. Problems our team can help quickly resolve are:

  1. Customer service complaints.
  2. Negative online reviews.
  3. Disorganization.
  4. Employee disinterest or underperformance.
  5. Employee and customer communication.
  6. Ineffective marketing campaigns.
  7. Decreased sales.

Schedule your Solution Strategy Consultation now. Our first meeting is complimentary so I can learn more about your business, understand your challenges, and discuss our program.

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Shannon’s Training Made a Real Difference…

When I was making the journey from ‘struggle’ to ‘results’ in business, Shannon’s training was a life-saver. It was the real nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to win in business…..and it was wrapped in an amazing personality and a real desire to see people succeed. Highly recommended!

Tony Rush

Co-Founder, Business Labs Pro

Booming Business Coaching 

Every elite athlete relies on a coach to help them realize optimal results. As your Booming Business coach, I will be your greatest ally, helping you quickly conquer obstacles, strategize and plan your week for maximum productivity and performance, and help you stay focused, motivated, and energized.

This elite coaching program is designed for entrepreneurs and business executives who value time and want to take the fast path to higher levels of success and prosperity. This program includes two one-on-one weekly calls: One for implementation and planning followed by a week-end call for review and acknowledgement and advantaged strategy. In addition, you’ll have additional e-mail access to me to help you when you need me most.

Due to the significant time commitment, the Booming Business Coaching program is available on a limited basis by application only. Schedule your initial complimentary consultation now. 


  • 12 One-On-One 60 minute Strategy and Implementation Mentoring Calls
  • 12 One-On-One 30 minute Review Mentoring Calls
  • 4 Weekly Email Consults
  • One Weekly Strategy and Implementation Plans Designed Specifically For You Based on Our Weekly Mentoring Call
  • One Weekly Review Following Our Review Mentoring Call
  • Unlimited Tech Support & Debug with my team
  • Introduction to Recommended Vendors and Support Systems to Help You With Your Business Growth
  • Business Growth Strategy Plan and MindMap
  • Email Review: Submit Your Written Emails for My Review and Suggestions
  • Website/Funnel Review

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Exponentially Better Results…

My first experience with Shannon’s training was at a conference and she blew me away. Her training was practical and on point and helped me get exponentially better results in my business. I highly recommend her training!

Andy Grant

Owner, Blue Navigators Inc.