If you plan on doing online marketing, selling coaching, courses, or any other type of product, at some point you’ll be doing webinars and need to know how to sell on webinars. Webinars are the online presentations we use to give value to our followers, introduce our products, and sell online.

It’s important to learn how to sell on webinars so you increase your conversions and make the experience great for both you and your guests. When I was just starting out, selling on webinars was the hardest thing to do. I would often times go so fast during the sales process, I’d lose people. Or, I wouldn’t use the proper language or the psychological selling tools that push the right buttons so people buy. Many of my first webinars were chock full of value…so much so that it was overwhelming for the audience. I gave too much content and didn’t sell enough.

I had to learn how to sell on webinars!

And yes, there is a very specific way to do it. There are certain things to say, specific ways to present the value of your product, and psychological triggers that cause people to buy. Knowing them and employing them correctly is critical to your success with webinars.

Learning How to Sell On Webinars

I’ve done over 1,000 webinars since starting online in 2004. When I started doing online marketing, webinars weren’t even a thing. The only real option was GoToWebinar and it was a tech nightmare. Around 2009, webinars really started to take off. With the evolution of tech, the start of Google Hangouts on Air, and the webinar technology like WebinarJam Studio, webinars have become easier than ever for anyone to do.

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I learned most of what I know about webinars simply through trial and error. But my webinars got really good, and I learned how to sell on webinars in Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert course. Amy’s course made the different for me and now I run webinars that sell 100% of the time. I had the great honor of interviewing her for the Booming Business Podcast recently, and she dropped so many golden nuggets to help you rock your business with webinars.

How To Sell On Webinars – The Summary

While I can’t tell you everyone I learned in Webinars That Convert, I’m sharing a few pointers to help you learn how to sell on webinars. Mostly, it’s an art that you’ll develop with practice, experience, and applying what Amy teaches in the course. Follow the tips in this infographic for a streamlined approach to mapping out your webinar.
how to sell on webinars

What tools are best for selling on webinars:

Here’s the list of tools I use to create great webinars:

1. Clickfunnels – I use clickfunnels to create all my registration squeeze pages. I have also used clickfunnels to run my webinars, however, I much prefer WebinarJam for the actual hosting of the webinar.

2. WebinarJamStudio and EverWebinar – I love this suite of products. I run my webinars with Webinarjam Studio and my automated webinars with EverWebinar.

3. Keynote or Powerpoint – I use Keynote to make my slides. Just starting out, you can use one of the basic templates they have there or grab one from CreativeMarket.com. Once you have a growing list and followers, get a custom template designed on fiverr.com. You want your template to match your branding. For a great how-to on branding, watch this webinar.

4. Social Promotion – I use MeetEdgar.com to automate my promotional posts. It’s easy to schedule a blast of posts to promote your webinars.

It’s Action Time!

You know how the basics of how to sell on webinars and a checklist to get you rocking. I created a Perfect Webinar Checklist you can download, print, and use to set up, promote, and launch your webinars.

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