In this post, I’ll show you 7 ways to get more subscribers on your list. Your email list is the #1 asset in your business. It contains the names of every person who has demonstrated an interest in your business or products. It contains the names of your customers and future customers. It’s the database of people you can immediately sell to, generating revenue for your business. So, it’s important to your attention on marketing and promotion to get more subscribers!

Why You Need to Get More Subscribers Now

The people and businesses who fail to put attention on list building and new innovative ways to get more subscribers, fail to grow. That’s the truth of it. You can put a ton of attention on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc, but with the goal of converting your followers, friends, likes and hearts into opt-in subscribers on your list.

The name of the game online is conversions. The first step is converting a viewer/visitor into an opt-in subscriber. Next, it’s converting that subscriber into a customer. That’s done through really effective follow-up. Finally, it’s converting that customer into a loyal customer, who buys repeatedly.

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The money is in the list…and it’s the #1 reason you need to get more subscribers. Yes, you can make quite a bit with a small list. But, if you can earn with a small list, imagine what is possible with a larger list!!

Check your in-box now. How many promotional emails do you have? How many offers for sales? Look at the companies sending you e-mails. They get it. They know that having you on their list is of the upmost value because it’s their direct communication line. They put a lot of effort and attention to get more subscribers.

Those companies could place an ad but you may not see it. They could post a banner, but you might miss it. But your email inbox is checked pretty much everyday…if not multiple times a day. It’s where you are most likely to get the communication, see the promotion, and get interested.

Think of The Person When You Start to Get More Subscribers

There are tons of great ways to get more subscribers to your list. It all boils down to content and value. To entice someone to give you their email address, you have to exchange something of value with them.

This is called a freebie. The point of the freebie isn’t just to get more subscribers. It’s to convince your viewer that they want what you are offering and it’s valuable enough for them to subscribe. Once they opt-in it’s now important that you deliver something awesome. It could be a future discount coupon, an e-book, a training, a video, etc. Whatever it is, it’s your first opportunity to impress your new subscriber. It’s your first (and potentially your last if you slack on this) opportunity to demonstrate that they WANT to be on your list…that you’ll provide more value, more help, more goodness to their in-box.

7 Methods to Get More Subscribers Now

Download the following Infographic and put these methods to work. They all work super well. In the Booming Business Funnel course, I’ve dedicated an entire module to crafting your opt-in funnel and delivering great content, so you can build a list of people who love what you offer and want to buy.




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