CASE STUDY: Mariany Went From Chasing People to People Chasing Her to Join

CASE STUDY: Mariany Went From Chasing People to People Chasing Her to Join

When Mariany and her business partner joined CEO Freedom Accelerator, her biggest complaint was that she felt like she had to chase people and beg them to join her network marketing team.

They were seeking a business coach who could help them maximize the potential of social media to grow their customer base.

They had been trained to use “old school” MLM methods that no longer worked in the digital world. Not to mention, COVID had everyone in lockdown so going online was urgently important to their business growth.

The CEO Freedom Accelerator gave them a branding and digital strategy that was lightyears better than what they had been doing.

Our accountability coach helped them implement the strategy quickly so they saw almost immediate results. We also directed them on a new offer as the current “entry” product had a lot of science behind it and they were “numbing” their audience with all of the scientific terms. We had her switch the initial offer to their skincare line and utilize the images of amazing results they had available.

The brand they created – ReNu – was so professional and exciting, people were literally begging Mariany to sell them her product. Her team grew, her customer base grew, and she experienced the easy flow of sales she desperately wanted when she joined us.

She also grew a TikTok channel from nothing to 78,000 followers, giving her an audience to also sell coaching and additional products and services. 

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CASE STUDY: Jamie Had A $20K Launch

CASE STUDY: Jamie Had A $20K Launch

Jaime Dooley and her sister Lisa Freitag are a dynamic duo that created a coaching program teaching others how to coach in a unique, heart-centered, and collaborative way. Additionally, they created a certification program to help others master their techniques and gain a group of master coaches to exchange coaching with.

She was struggling to make decisions and stay focused on one path in her business. She found herself constantly switching from one thing to another and was losing precious time with paralysis through over-analysis.

We worked with her on committing to a strategy and launching. Her results were exceptional!

With a solid strategy, support from our team, and accountability, Jamie and Lisa stayed focused and committed to their launch. They made more in the launch than they had for the previous 9 months.

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**All businesses are different. No incomes are represented or guaranteed in any amount for any person and are used for explanation and information purposes only**


CASE STUDY: Adrienne Hit Six Figures + Confidently Exited Her Corporate Career

CASE STUDY: Adrienne Hit Six Figures + Confidently Exited Her Corporate Career

Adrienne Hill is a dynamic force who launched her business helping new entrepreneurs master technology for lead generation and sales. She grew her business fairly quickly but found herself in the position of doing ALL the things…even the ones that wouldn’t make her money. 

She was the graphic designer, tech person, sales person, customer support, copywriter, tax person, etc. etc. Add to that she was working full-time in a high-stress corporate job and she was inches away from burn-out.

Adrienne came to the CEO Freedom Accelerator desperate for answers. She wanted to know how she could grow her business without killing herself or resenting the business she had created. We worked with her to map out her growth strategy and implement a hiring strategy that would be very cost-effective but allow her to scale.

Her results enabled her to exit her corporate job within 90 days while hitting highest ever income months and cracking six-figures rapidly.

Here’s her story in her own words:


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**All businesses are different. No incomes are represented or guaranteed in any amount for any person and are used for explanation and information purposes only**

Batch Content Process: 10X your social media content in 1/10th the time.

Batch Content Process: 10X your social media content in 1/10th the time.

The fact is, you need to PROMOTE. More so, you need to broadly promote with consistent, quality content that represents your company, services, and products. Using this batch content process will help you get 10X more done in 1/10th of the time.

If you’re a coach, you need to personally stand out online so that people get to know you, like you, and trust you. If you are in e-commerce, you need to promote your brand, your products, your sales. If you’re in direct selling, you need to make yourself known as a leader, promote the benefits of your industry and team.

It can take a lot of time, energy, and effort to produce all of this content, get it distributed, and respond to the engagement. Seriously. You could get lost on Instagram or Facebook for hours. Hours lost being unproductive. In my previous article, I shared my strategies for saving time on social media. Here, I break down the exact process we use for batch content creation.

Batch Content Production: Why It’s Important

To get all the content we need to distribute, my team and I employ a batch content process. We also use an auto-posting tool called Metricool.  By using the auto-posting tool, we are able to load all of our content up at once and set it to auto-post. Autoposting saves us a ton of time so we don’t have to do it manually every day. For preparation, it takes me a block of about 3 hours to produce a month’s worth of stellar content that will flow across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. I batch record all of my videos for a month so that I’m free to focus on sales and delivery the rest of the month.

Once the videos are made, we take the scripts or captions and turn them into a blog-post and social media posts. We select phrases from the content to add to the posts.

I created a simple checklist that details how to prep, produce, and distribute content using our batch content method. You can grab it in my Marketing + Sales Mastermind Facebook Group. It takes a bit to get this process into your regular method of operation because it’s setting new habits. You may be breaking a long-standing addiction to looking at social media daily, scrolling for hours, and thinking you need to be on it every day for long periods of time. I hop on for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening and run through my notifications just to connect and respond to people.

Will you be moving to batch content production? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

3 Tips for Maximizing Social Media in Minimum Time

3 Tips for Maximizing Social Media in Minimum Time

Three really effective strategies that you can use with your social media promotion to maximize your impact but also minimize your time. These 3 tips can increase your growth while saving you time and money.

In my business we use these strategies to attract the right audience who are ready to purchase our products and create a constant stream of valuable content, that keeps everyone engaged, very interested, sharing content, and establishes our authority in the space.

Strategy Number 1: 

Use a content calendar. In our business, we use a content calendar. We use a very simple spreadsheet we create in Google Docs so that our entire team can contribute and add to it. Especially when they are inspired about something they want or think we should promote on social media.

Our content calendar is actually planned out several months in advance to align with the product launches, challenges, and promotions that we have going on in our business.

The content calendar has several tabs right at the bottom just so we know what accounts we’re going to using what content with. Because we have different audiences on different accounts, for example, LinkedIn vs. Instagram, we like to make sure that the content is very relevant to the audience.

A lot of the content is very similar across the accounts because we might have people that follow us on Instagram but aren’t on our Facebook, or we have people in our Facebook Groups who aren’t following us on Instagram and we want to make sure they are getting all fo the value that we are putting out across the platforms.

Strategy Number 2:

Use auto posting software. This is such a time saver. We recently just made the move from Hootsuite and Later to Metricool and couldn’t be happier. My entire team was so excited when we switched to SmarterQueue.

Metricool incorporates the best tools from a multitude of platforms, saving you time and money.

With this posting service, we are apple to manage all of our accounts in one place, including our messages and DMs. We use a coordinated posting plan, repurpose our content so it reaches the maximum number of followers, and gets the greatest impact. For instance, our goals with social media are to:

  1. Provide valuable content that helps our current audience and attracts new followers
  2. We want to move our followers from our social media to our email list,
  3. Generate sales. With Metricool we repurpose our promotional posts for e-books, checklists, auto-webinars, product promotions, etc so that new followers also see them and they get the maximum number of views and engagement.

We love Instagram and we love that we are able to use Metricool for Instagram because we’re able to visually see the 9X9 grid while we are planning our posts to ensure the visual elements are aesthetically beautiful.

Strategy 3: Batch your content creation:

Block off one-two hours to record, edit, and create any visuals for your posts. Then, schedule the posts. That’s it your done. By batching your content, you are ensuring that you get the maximum impact for your posts done all at once. It’s fast and easy and it keeps you off the scroll that is like the biggest time suck.

Then, schedule time each day for engagement and messages. I like to schedule 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon and then I’m done and I’m off social. I turn off all notifications and I only check in during those times.

These three strategies can save you hours of work each week, help you deliver amazing content to your audience, and grow your following without taking over your life.

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How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Wondering if Twitter is worth your time? Or what it can do for your business?

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Or, are you at the “What the heck is Twitter?” point? Or, how to promote your business on twitter???

At the beginning of 2015, I didn’t give a hoot about Twitter (gasp!). Quite frankly, it wasn’t even on my radar. I was knees deep in Facebook Ads, Instagram and direct traffic to promote my business. I wasn’t really sure what Twitter was or how one would use it to promote themselves or their business. It looked like a big waste of time to me.

That all changed when three things happened:

  1. Periscope was unleashed. I LOVE IT, use it, and promote with it. It’s directly connected to Twitter so I knew I needed to start building a following and learn it.
  2. Facebook shut down my ads account. Yes. It really did happen. After two nights of cold sweats, I decided I’d look at other social media platforms to get my lead gen back on track.
  3. I met Jennifer Lehner in Freedom Hackers Mastermind.

Jen’s not your typical “guru”.

She’s about the humblest person I’ve met. She’s not prone to bragging about her extraordinary skills on Twitter or her uncanny ability to know about the latest-greatest social media tool before anyone else does. That’s why I’m her biggest fan. JEN IS THE BOMB. Her Facebook Group, the Front Row, is an amazing community where you’ll learn about everything that’s new in digital marketing.

I spotted a post from Jen online and asked her if she would show me Periscope. We had never met and at that point weren’t even “friends”. Still, she said YES! The next day, we spent an hour on Skype and she walked me through Periscope. Since then, I’ve sold more than $30K of my Periscope Mastery course…and I give Jen all the credit. I would never had been able to show you how to use Periscope to successfully promote your business, gain more followers, create online influence, and more if she hadn’t been the first to give me the scoop! She knows her stuff inside and out. So, when Facebook turned me off, my next question to her was:

How to Promote Your Business on Twitter?

I’m not going to layout the entire plan here…you’ll hear it all in the Podcast. But know this: Jen’s advice on how to promote your business on twitter gave me substantial results FAST. I grew my followers organically to over 8,500. On a monthly basis, I have more than 35,000 checking out my profile. My tweet engagement has gone up substantially. Here’s today’s stats:

Screenshot 2016-01-28 16.47.07

Pretty awesome, right?

Numbers don’t lie. I’m getting a lot of attention on Twitter. Most importantly, that attention is turning into leads and sales.

So how can you promote your business on Twitter and get the attention you need to #BOOM?

In today’s episode, Jen shares how to promote your business on twitter with simple, effective strategies you can use to:

  • create a profile people love to follow,
  • connect with your target market,
  • engage other influencers,
  • grow your list and sell your products,
  • and more!

If you put what Jen shares to work, you’ll soon be using Twitter as a powerful marketing tool to #BoomYourBusiness. To really step up your Twitter game, become of member of Jen’s course, Bird Nerds! It’s the fastest way to grow your targeted audience on Twitter.

[bctt tweet=”Anybody who has a Twitter handle, is someone you can contact. That’s not true on any other platform. @jenrgy”]

To get you #rocking, I’ve put together a 7 Day Twitter Challenge you can download by clicking here. Follow the instructions and the check-sheet to get more followers, more engagement, and more people coming to your profile daily.

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Hope over to #BIZBOOMERSCOMMUNITY for help with the challenge. I’m putting a video up to help you get these strategies to work!

Take a second to tell us what you thought of this episode! Leave a comment below.

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