CASE STUDY: Heather Benton-Stokes Gained An Audience + A Book Deal

CASE STUDY: Heather Benton-Stokes Gained An Audience + A Book Deal

Heather Benton-Stokes is not your ordinary woman. She’s a homeschooling mom of two dynamic daughters, has a thriving financial advising business, and cares for her husband who has been battling cancer for some years.

Heather came to the CEO Freedom Accelerator struggling to adjust to growing her business online because COVID had made face-to-face meetings impossible with shutdowns and the risk to her family. When she started, she had very little experience online or on social media. She only had a handful of connections on Facebook, no presence on LinkedIn, and no professional online appearance.

We immediately gave Heather a strategy to establish her brand and online presence. She began implementing the plan with consistency and her presence gained an audience. Soon, she was being invited to speak in forums, on podcasts, and in groups. Her online growth even caught the attention of a well-known book publisher and Heather scored a publishing deal.

She is now an Amazon + New York Times Bestselling Author and has experienced significant growth in her client base.

How to Hire A Virtual Assistant

How to Hire A Virtual Assistant

In this article, I’ll share with you how to hire a virtual assistant and how to know when your business is ready for one.

First, let’s talk about when to hire a virtual assistant. It’s probably earlier than you think. A lot of entrepreneurs think that waiting until their business is super successful is the best time, but my advice is to hire early. Because the thing that you should be focusing on in your business when you’re first starting is selling and getting customers for your products. Anything else is a waste of your time.

Now, I’m not saying that all the other activities aren’t vital for your business, because they are. So things like 

These are all super important to your business because that’s the promotion. Promotion equals profits as long as you’re there to collect the sale.

Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow

Hiring a VA who can help you with your social media strategy, with your promotion, with your emails, and more. Having a VA’s help can really free up a lot of time for you to focus on the thing that’s going to move the needle in your profitability the most, which is collecting the money and making the sales

Where to Find Quality VAs

Before you hire a VA, have your processes dialed in. Figure out how you want your social media posted when you’re sending out your emails and what your exact process is. I help business owners set up these processes and get their VAs in order in the CEO Freedom Accelerator.

There’s a couple of places that you can find excellent VAs. You can join Facebook groups of other entrepreneurs and you will get tons of recommendations of excellent VAs. You can also find very qualified VAs and outsource them from out of the country. We have a number of VAs that work for us from the Philippines, and we found them on

You can CLICK HERE ( to get our VA hiring ads, interview questions, and onboarding process.