CASE STUDY: Karla Silver Stopped Being the Bottleneck in Her Business

CASE STUDY: Karla Silver Stopped Being the Bottleneck in Her Business

Karla Silver is a powerhouse business coach who helps female network marketers scale to 6-and-7 figures in her Top Producer Academy and Top Producer Mastermind. Her zone of genius is giving network marketers digital strategies so they can ditch the home-parties, one-on-one meetings, and scale rapidly instead of slowly.

While her services and programs are in high-demand, Karla found herself completely tapped out and on the verge of physical burn-out. She came to the CEO Freedom Accelerator looking for a strategy to scale quickly that would take less of her time, not more. She has worked with other business coaches before, but no one had given her an organizational strategy for scaling.

We quickly mapped out her business flows and identified where she was spread to thin. We followed that with a hiring plan to fill the holes and give her some relief. Karla onboarded the key new team members we identified as essential and her results were exceptional.

Not only did she earn $137,000 in one month, but she was also able to continue that growth while taking a 3 week vacation to South Africa and enjoying multiple luxury safaris with her husband.

CASE STUDY: Mariany Went From Chasing People to People Chasing Her to Join

CASE STUDY: Mariany Went From Chasing People to People Chasing Her to Join

When Mariany and her business partner joined CEO Freedom Accelerator, her biggest complaint was that she felt like she had to chase people and beg them to join her network marketing team.

They were seeking a business coach who could help them maximize the potential of social media to grow their customer base.

They had been trained to use “old school” MLM methods that no longer worked in the digital world. Not to mention, COVID had everyone in lockdown so going online was urgently important to their business growth.

The CEO Freedom Accelerator gave them a branding and digital strategy that was lightyears better than what they had been doing.

Our accountability coach helped them implement the strategy quickly so they saw almost immediate results. We also directed them on a new offer as the current “entry” product had a lot of science behind it and they were “numbing” their audience with all of the scientific terms. We had her switch the initial offer to their skincare line and utilize the images of amazing results they had available.

The brand they created – ReNu – was so professional and exciting, people were literally begging Mariany to sell them her product. Her team grew, her customer base grew, and she experienced the easy flow of sales she desperately wanted when she joined us.

She also grew a TikTok channel from nothing to 78,000 followers, giving her an audience to also sell coaching and additional products and services. 

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When People Say This About Home Business

When People Say This About Home Business

It drives me nuts when I hear these statements from people, either in home business or talking about home business. I love this industry. It’s blessed me with amazing friends, a fantastic income, complete freedom and access to some of the best products on the planet.

But here’s the problem with some of the lingo and what I think when someone says it:

1. “I’m too busy making money.” – Then you don’t have a system, because you shouldn’t be “busy”, you should be productive.

2. “I’m not interested in looking at your product” – That one always gets me. If someone is in network marketing and TRULY appreciates the industry, they should always be open to looking at someone else’s network marketing product. When I hear this it always says to me that they don’t believe a company can have a product that someone would want to buy without joining the company…it reflects on their OWN business model. They obviously don’t have customers. I buy products from about 7 different companies because they are great products. However, a great product doesn’t mean a great business model for me, which is why I don’t market it. But I love the industry and want to support fellow entrepreneurs, so I can buy it from them, I do.

3.”The problem with your company is….” That’s a crappy way of recruiting. You should NEVER invalidate another person’s business. You make them feel stupid. A better way is to ask them if they have concerns about their current business. You’ll be surprised how people will puke all over you about their company, their struggles, etc. That gives you a ton of information to then present your opportunity as a better alternative.

4.”I’m evaluating leaders to see who I want to get started with” These folks always make themselves sound like “BIG FISH” but they are actually tadpoles that do nothing. In the 12 years I’ve been a leader in Network Marketing, I have never had anyone who was “advisor shopping” do anything. When people “advisor shop” it typically means they want someone else to be responsible for their success.

5. “You just need to talk to more people.” – Maybe that is true but it sounds freakin’ exhausting to me. That’s why you use systems. For leverage. If you have a good one, you don’t need to talk to a million people to make a sale.

I could keep going, but that’s all I’ve got for now 😉 Rant done!