Amazon Seller Angie Chacon – From Zero to $5Million A Year in Sales

Amazon Seller Angie Chacon – From Zero to $5Million A Year in Sales

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I love having powerhouse women on the Booming Business Podcast! Angie Chacon is a powerhouse Amazon Seller, getting AMAZING results.  In this episode, she shares her journey from zero to $500,000 a month in sales on Amazon.

Her story is very inspirational as she lays out the path to success on Amazon and the steps anyone can take to start and grow an Amazon business Angie started at a time in life when she didn’t really have choice but to re-invent herself. That’s why she chose to be an Amazon Seller.

Is becoming an Amazon Seller right for everyone?

That’s a tough question, but the short answer is “no”. Like any business, Amazon Selling takes training, dedication and persistence. However, it is simple and it’s relatively easy to start for the person who is entrepreneurial and wants a business. Angie gives amazing advice and the exact steps she took to start and grow her Amazon business with no prior experience.

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The best steps to take to be an Amazon Seller

First, decide that you are serious about being an Amazon Seller and will commit to growing your business. Angie strongly recommends the course that she took to start on Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine is the #1 course for selling on Amazon and will give you a step by step path to succeeding with your Amazon Business.

Tune into the next episode of the Booming Business Podcast for more great advice on how to Boom Your Business with effective, money-in-the-door marketing strategies.


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Traffic, Conversions and Authenticity with Igor Kheifets

Traffic, Conversions and Authenticity with Igor Kheifets

Listen on iTunes Wow! What an interview with Igor Kheifets, the marketing genius behind Igor’s list. Igor’s list is the number-one resource for solo ads, Top marketers around the world turn to Igor’s list for quality traffic that converts.  In this episode we dove into everything from authenticity in marketing to opening up your money flows. In this episode, Igor and I bantered about how to dramatically increase conversions. Using Bridge Pages, story-telling and authentic communication higher conversions can be achieved. When marketer’s utilize Igor’s list and buy solo ads, they want conversions, not just traffic. With over a decade of experience in online marketing, Igor has had incredible results growing Igor’s list. He has a database of clients that touts many 7-figure network marketers and affiliate marketers. Igor’s advice is income generating gold. His new course, The Ultimate Bridge Page System, is helping new marketers who buy solo ads transform their rote funnels into online conversion machines. It’s powerful training on how to gain more customers with authentic communication addressing the primary reasons people buy.

Not Just For Igor’s List Customers…

This training isn’t just for people who buy solo ads from Igor’s list. It’s for any marketers who wants to increase conversions across any platform, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, Twitter posts and more. When marketing, your primary goal should be a high conversion rate from that traffic. That means buyers. Igor’s training on Bridge Pages is essential to every marketer. This is a skill that will reward you with better returns on your marketing investments.
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Why smart marketers turn to Igor and Igor’s List

With over a decade of proven results, Igor’s List is a valuable asset to marketers internationally. Igor is a proven authority on traffic and driving traffic for successful growth in business. The value in this episode is priceless. Grab todays show notes here and implement the training right away. Igor is generously giving my listeners a 50% discount on the Ultimate Bridge Page Video course here. Get it now, before it disappears. To get started with solo ads and benefit from Igor’s list, click here. Tune into the next episode of the Booming Business Podcast for more great advice on how to Boom Your Business with effective, money-in-the-door marketing strategies.


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The Surprising Lessons I Learned in 2015…and Where It’s Taking Me In 2016

Is it just me, or does it seem like December 31st landed in your lap way too fast? This year went by wickedly fast.

As I sit here chugging down my home-made super nutritious mocha latte (seriously…I’ve hacked mochas and make them healthy…recipe below!), I’m looking back at everything that I’ve experienced, accomplished, didn’t quite win with, etc. and there’s some pretty cool, and really surprising lessons I’ve learned.

What better way to end the year than to share these lessons with you!

On January 1st, I decided this year was going to be my year of TRANSFORMATION.

I rang in the New Year at 40. Just a few short weeks earlier, I traumatically lost my 2nd child at 5 months pregnant. We were super excited about the baby, a boy, and had already told our friends, family, neighbors…and our daughter. Telling her the baby wasn’t coming after all was one of the toughest days of my life. She was only 4 and didn’t really grasp the concept of death.

That Christmas I drowned myself in wine and cookies. When the New Year arrived, I knew I had to pull up my big girl pants and get on with life. So, I decided to get into action.

I had two big intentions in the beginning of the year:

  1. Get clear on the purpose, vision, products and direction of my business.
  2. Become a better person…the person I would like to be for the rest of my life.

When I set these intentions, I knew I was willing to give 100% of myself to them. I had decided this is what was needed to get the results I wanted for myself and my family.

When setting your intentions, don’t be so-so about it…be decisive. Decide on what you are REALLY willing to commit to and give extra effort and action towards.

Okay…so let me break this down for you.

I’ve been in business since 2002 and my business has evolved over time. We’ve been wildly successful at times and wildly financially frustrated at times. In 2012 we went through bankruptcy after enduring heavy business and real estate losses (with more than $2mil in debt). After that, I pretty much did anything that would bring in money whether or not I enjoyed it, was passionate about it, or even liked it. Nothing X-rated or illegal I assure you, but worked with clients who weren’t my favorite, did business I wasn’t empowered by…that sort of thing. Like working a job you hate just to pay the bills, get it?  Now that we were back in a financially stable place with a great six-figure income, I wanted to refine my business into one that I would again love, enjoy, and feel as thought I was serving a great purpose. I wanted my business model to be exciting, fulfilling, and very lucrative.

My second intention came about after some serious self-reflection. At 40, I really wasn’t liking who I was being in life. I was getting pretty critical, cynical, and lazy. I’ve always been a really upbeat person but life was taking it’s toll. When I lost the baby, I found myself struggling to get my MOJO back and was committed to becoming happier, more at peace, and filled with more energy than ever before.

So here’s the journey I travelled in 2015. It’s been pretty amazing, with lots of self-exploration, learning, and adventure. I’m super grateful to my loving husband for supporting me in this growth and for my amazing, beautiful, “let’s do it” daughter who traveled with me on most adventures. I’m truly blessed.

First, I had to realize that I didn’t know everything.

I did A LOT of study. I took a great number of courses including Marie Forleo’s B-School, Kimra Luna’s Rock-It With Webinars, Digital Marketer, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and more. I dove in, studied, and applied. It was during this journey that I decided on the purpose and vision of my business.

I branded myself the Booming Business Strategist and decided to share my experience, know-how, and skills with other entrepreneurs to help you realize your goals, dreams, and aspirations. A friend pointed out to me that I was one of the most knowledgable and experienced entrepreneurs he knew…why wasn’t I using that in my business to help others? It was hard for me to recognize my own greatest strengths but easy for others to tell me what they thought I was great at.

After all, I HAD accomplished A LOT. I’ve personally earned millions in business, I’ve built large teams, I’ve successfully launched products online, I’m a master at lead generation, I’m an excellent speaker and trainer…

So, I surveyed. I surveyed friends, clients, and previous customers. They all said similar things: I had helped them break through an area of their life they needed help in and my advice did the trick. YES!!! I had been doing that for years but never thought to truly incorporate it into my business.

First Surprising Lesson: Recognize Your Strengths and Use Them to Empower Others

For years, I have been turning down requests from people to hire me as their coach because I didn’t want to do coaching. When I actually addressed why I didn’t want to do coaching it was because of the belief that I would have to deal with people who wouldn’t do what I told them to do. I didn’t want to fight with people on what I know to do that produces results.

In that realization, I also decided I would screen my clients and get their agreement that they would APPLY what I was teaching them. BINGO! It was the right move 😉 My main focus isn’t one-on-one coaching, but rather group coaching and online education. The few personal coaching clients I have are the ones who want FAST results and are super motivated, highly driven, and take action. It’s ridiculously rewarding to watch them BOOM!

Now, the clearly defined purpose of my business is “To Provide Valuable and Relevant Education, Training, and Coaching That Helps Business Owners Experience a Positive Result”. Cool, right? I love it. It just feels good…and on purpose. It’s aligned with my greater aspiration of making a world-wide impact in people’s personal prosperity.

Along with my redefined and realigned purpose came a new website, lots of new connects, and a ton of travel. I went to NY for Periscope Summit and made some really cool friends. I also went to the Caribbean to learn from amazing business leaders and marketers, including Grant Cardone. I’ve made so many new friendships and have great colleagues I love doing business with. I was in Los Angeles and Vegas a bunch.

I also realigned myself with network marketing. For years, I went back and forth and was living in a “Maybe” about the industry. The uncertainty was painful. I would waver back and forth, unsure if it was a good path for me. But the fact is, I LOVE the industry. I LOVE building a team and watching others flourish. I truly enjoy sharing products and a business that inspires and helps others. So…I’m back in full force as a second division of my business.

Second Surprising Lesson: Living Your Purpose is Powerful.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Don’t Deny It. Follow your passion and be true to yourself.

The journey this year brought me close to so many amazing people, old friends and new ones. I’m grateful for the people who have inspired me along the way, taught me something new, cheered me on, and trusted me to help them get the results they wanted.

Amazing Friendships & Adventures (1)

Third Surprising Lesson: Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Expect, But You’re Still Winning.

My very first venture into business was outrageously successful. Within 16 months I had earned over $1million dollars and that pace kept on going for 7 straight years. This year, as I was launching and branding my new business, I pretty much expected that same lightening-in-a-bottle success. It didn’t quite happen that way. I’ve had some great successes but my first online course launch wasn’t as HUGE as I wanted. I expected to break through $100K in the launch and barely made it to $10K. That sent me into a wild spiral of self-defeat. I abandoned the project altogether and started creating new products, projects, etc.

Fortunately, I have some really great mentors. I was speaking with one of them about my goals for the rest of 2015 and 2016. In reviewing my “successful actions” and “unsuccessful actions”, I had a shocking revelation.  We were crunching some numbers on my launch..which I had prior refused to look at because I considered it an EPIC failure. When we looked at it, the launch cost me $2K and I made $8K. In his eyes, the launch was incredibly successful…I had earned a 400% profit on my money and I did it in 2 days of sales. I walked away from the product and gave up on it when in reality, I should have stayed with it and scaled it up.

I didn’t get what I expected but I still won. I was measuring all of my present and future results up against my past results. I was also measuring my results against other’s results. It was a big mistake and one that I won’t be making again in the future. Now, when I’ve identified successful actions, I’ll scale them up to achieve the mark I want.

Now, on to becoming a Better Person.

It was a big realization that I wasn’t happy with myself. This year, I wanted to realign myself with my love of people and love myself more. I committed to a path of personal development that eliminated the mental head noise and gave me 100% clarity on my own personal greatness. I realized that my previous experiences in life taught me that it was wrong to shine, not okay to aspire to great things, and that I should feel bad or guilty for every little thing. Once I cleared all that up, the magic and happiness of life just all fell into place. Add that to my newly aligned purpose and it’s pretty much unicorns and rainbows over here. Such a TRANSFORMATION from the end of last year.

I’m happier now than I have ever been. I’m closer to my husband and my daughter, our relationships are amazing, I’m calm and peaceful, and I’m able to think clearly.

The amount I’m able to get done is extraordinary because I feel confident, self-assured and passionate about my purpose. I regained my love of people and wouldn’t you know it, tons of new friends showed up in my life.  I’m 100% confident that I am able to help people in a powerful and certain way.

Fourth Surprising Lesson: It’s Vital To Love Yourself.

Be good to YOU. Honor your greatness. In order to help others, you need to know you CAN help them and be confident in who you are. No matter how great your plans are, in my opinion, it’s hard to make great strides in life if you’re not okay with you. So, do what you need to to get on a path of truly loving yourself.

As part of my self-growth journey, I also eliminated the news, negative TV shows, negative friends, and anything else that didn’t leave me feeling awesome and empowered. What a difference that has made!

What’s next for 2016?

My plans are BIG for this year…like multiple 7-figures BIG.  I just launched the Booming Business Podcast last night and already that’s going nuts…people are excited about that! I’ve planned out 24 episodes already, so look forward to some amazing content and training!

In addition, I plan to launch a new updated and expanded version of the Booming Business Funnel course that will be called Booming Business Academy. Look forward to that at the end of February/beginning of March. I opened up a limited coaching practice for individuals who want fast results in their life and business and that’s almost filled up.

I’m planning on writing a book this year and a movie (screenplay). Bet the screenplay part shocked you, huh? It’s totally new to me, but my friend Jen and I have an amazing storyline that we’er super excited to get out to the world. It’s a comedy, of course.

I also want to have another baby…er…babies. Pregnancy is definitely in the immediate future and I’m praying for twins. I know, I know…you probably think I’m psycho, but I’ll be 42 in January and want at least 3 kids, so why not have two at once. And a nanny!

I want to travel even more this year, but internationally. Ireland, Argentina, Australia, and some tropical beaches are all on my list.

I plan on building a huge team of leaders in my NM company. That’s going to be a lot of fun!

This year, my focus is “A Balanced Life AND A BOOMing Business”. It’s the title of my hugely successful e-book and the theme I’m choosing for 2016.

What’s next for YOU in 2016?

I’d love to hear how you plan to make 2016 your best year ever! Leave a comment below and share your plans with me. I want to support you in making 2016 EPIC, so share with me how I can do that.

And here’s that Healthy Cafe Mocha recipe I promised:

1 cup naturally decaffeinated organic coffee, brewed hot
1 tbsp organic refined coconut oil
1 scoop Pure Nourish Power Boost

Put in a blender on high, blend for 1 – 2 minutes and drink. Yummy!

I start my day with it every morning and feel amazing.

Much love!

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Orphan To Millionaire: The Entrepreneur Success Story

Orphan To Millionaire: The Entrepreneur Success Story

Yay! It’s the first episode of the Booming Business Podcast. Admittedly, I’ve broken out the champagne, am feeling a little tipsy, and am minutes into my happy dance. This is so exciting and I’m overjoyed to share it with you!

I envisioned creating this podcast for about all of 2015…and now it’s here! Different names bounced back and forth and finally landed as the Booming Business Podcast, aligned with my personal brand and identity as the Booming Business Strategist.

This episode is all about the Entrepreneur Success Story.

My idea for this podcast was a way to give back, empower, motivate, inspire, and give “the goods” on what’s working right now.

I’m inspired to share the lessons I’ve learned during my decade-plus journey as an entrepreneur to help you on your journey to greatness.

I’ve experienced and learned a tremendous amount as an entrepreneur, mentor, and trainer. I was not your “likely” entrepreneur success story…far from it. In the Booming Business Podcast, I’m going to share with you lessons that work for in my life and business for real positive gains…I’ll help you avoid the costly and sometimes stupid mistakes I’ve made and bring you the counsel of other trailblazing entrepreneurs so you can capitalize on what they’ve learned works and help you circumvent the pitfalls, and mistakes we’ve experienced. I’m be sharing other success stories and look forward to celebrating your entrepreneur success story!

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In each episode, you’ll learn everything from social media strategies to bring customers to your door to masterminding a winning mindset and everything in between. Some of the upcoming topics include: how to make your resolutions stick, using webinars to boom your business, branding expertise to set your business apart and ahead, and protecting your brand and assets….plus much, much more. Be sure to subscribe NOW so you never miss an episode.

The purpose of the Booming Business Podcast is to provide training you can use right now to reduce your learning curve and shorten your runway to success…it’s creating YOUR entrepreneur success story and doing it fast.

Shorten Your Runway to Success

I was fortunate to learn from a leader who laid all the “working strategies” out for me…it was one of my greatest catalysts to success…that and the determinism I developed through my experiences. I’ve had amazing mentors and friends who have selflessly shared their guidance and direction. I shared my story with you here today, in Episode #1, so you’ll know that what you’re going to learn in this podcast is real, valuable, and effective. Use it. It works.

I’m excited to bring amazing guests to you, including Kimra Luna of Freedom Hackers Mastermind, Online Marketing Expert Amy Porterfield, Virtual Personal trainer Jeff McMahon, …recently featured on Business Insider, Digital Marketing Strategiest jennifer Lehner and the Hiring Expert David Lee Jensen…author of the bestselling book The Naked Interview…and other amazing entrepreneurs who will give you the advice and strategies you need to Boom Your Business and get Rockin’ Results.

There’s two things I want you to remember about the Booming Business Podcast.

  1. This podcast is Actionable. Along with the podcast episode, there will be a corresponding blog post with a downloadable action guide. The action guide is developed to help you immediately implement the lessons from the podcast. I was a high school teacher so I’m always focused on application. I want you to USE what you learn, not just have it take up mental head space.
  2. I love to hear from you. Don’t be stingy with your comments or feedback. It’s like magical pixie dust to me and keeps me fired up. So, leave a comment or a question and let’s create an amazing conversation that helps you and others.

And…if you love and appreciate the content I’m giving you, SHARE IT. Just click to post to Facebook, Twitter, or you’re other social media profiles…your friends will thank you for it.

In this first episode, I share my personal journey and entrepreneur success story, from the struggles as an orphan to my unlikely rise and success in becoming a millionaire entrepreneur.

This episode is chock full of inspiration and steps you can take right now to crush your circumstances and get on with being GREAT. I won’t be talking much about myself in upcoming episodes but wanted you to share in my story so you could get to know me. It’s important to me that you know I understand the struggles and challenges that arise in life and business, and I can help you crush through them to get what you want out of this life.

The Action Guide includes a transcript of the show and exercises you can do right now to start Booming Your Results in life and business.

So, listen, take notes, and get moving with the Action Guide.

Click Here to Download the Action Guide & Transcript


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