CASE STUDY: Leah Made An Extra $14K In Her First Week

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Shannon Lavenia | 0 comments

Meet the dynamic Leah Getts! Leah and her husband Todd run Digital Trailblazer, a high-end coaching program that helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their online courses.

Leah came to the Accelerator frustrated with the rising costs of ads and her income was roller-coastering. She was relying mostly on paid advertising to generate leads and it was really hit-or-miss with the lead quality. She already had a killer product and social proof in the form of testimonials, so getting the lead flow pumping was our primary focus.

Fortunately, Leah is a firm believer in the value of coaching and getting an outside perspective on how to grow. Leah’s goals were to create a stream of consistent, high-quality leads organically (not paid) and to have the automation systems in place to ensure the leads moved through a pipeline from first contact to the enrollment. She knew she was losing some people just from a lack of follow-up in the process.

Here’s what happened when she started:

Leah needed:

  • Fast solutions
  • An easy strategy that could be implemented quickly
  • Tool recommendations

The strategy included:

  • What to post
  • Where to post it
  • The follow-up cycle
  • Automations + tech tools

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