CASE STUDY: Heather Benton-Stokes Gained An Audience + A Book Deal

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Outsourcing, Results | 0 comments

Heather Benton-Stokes is not your ordinary woman. She’s a homeschooling mom of two dynamic daughters, has a thriving financial advising business, and cares for her husband who has been battling cancer for some years.

Heather came to the CEO Freedom Accelerator struggling to adjust to growing her business online because COVID had made face-to-face meetings impossible with shutdowns and the risk to her family. When she started, she had very little experience online or on social media. She only had a handful of connections on Facebook, no presence on LinkedIn, and no professional online appearance.

We immediately gave Heather a strategy to establish her brand and online presence. She began implementing the plan with consistency and her presence gained an audience. Soon, she was being invited to speak in forums, on podcasts, and in groups. Her online growth even caught the attention of a well-known book publisher and Heather scored a publishing deal.

She is now an Amazon + New York Times Bestselling Author and has experienced significant growth in her client base.


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