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I love having powerhouse women on the Booming Business Podcast! Angie Chacon is a powerhouse Amazon Seller, getting AMAZING results.  In this episode, she shares her journey from zero to $500,000 a month in sales on Amazon.

Her story is very inspirational as she lays out the path to success on Amazon and the steps anyone can take to start and grow an Amazon business Angie started at a time in life when she didn’t really have choice but to re-invent herself. That’s why she chose to be an Amazon Seller.

Is becoming an Amazon Seller right for everyone?

That’s a tough question, but the short answer is “no”. Like any business, Amazon Selling takes training, dedication and persistence. However, it is simple and it’s relatively easy to start for the person who is entrepreneurial and wants a business. Angie gives amazing advice and the exact steps she took to start and grow her Amazon business with no prior experience.

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The best steps to take to be an Amazon Seller

First, decide that you are serious about being an Amazon Seller and will commit to growing your business. Angie strongly recommends the course that she took to start on Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine is the #1 course for selling on Amazon and will give you a step by step path to succeeding with your Amazon Business.

Tune into the next episode of the Booming Business Podcast for more great advice on how to Boom Your Business with effective, money-in-the-door marketing strategies.


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