This is Part 1 of a 3-Part Series to DECODE Periscope so YOU can start using it today!!! I’m guessing that, like everyone else on the planet, you’ve been hearing A LOT about Periscope, and how it’s the next “cool kid on the block.” BUT, again like many people, you might not have any idea what it is, or how to use it to #BOOMYourBusiness!!

If you want to #BOOMYourBusiness on Social Media – You NEED to be on Periscope, and I’m Sharing My TOP 10 Reasons Persicope Will Help You #RockYourResults…

So…What is this Periscope Thing and why is there so much buzz about Periscope?

Periscope was an APP developed by a start-up that Twitter purchased for $100 Million in March 2015, and they quickly re-branded it, relaunched it in the iOS store and #Boom instant phenomenon. Since then, it’s taken off like WILD-FIRE. Twitter is all about Periscope and is using it to regain some of it’s previous popularity in the world of social media. It’s one of the hottest new social media platforms and is rising up the ranks to the TOP 100 new apps around, including gaining Editor’s Choice status.

It’s NEW, It’s FUN…and Most of all EVERYONE is Paying Attention!!

As an “early adopter”, the benefits are HUGE! You get to be ahead of the crowd, you can create your following first, and BEST of all, capture more attention with less competition.

So-here are MY “Top Secret” – Top 10 #BOOMYourBusiness Reasons to Be on Periscope Today…


1. It’s viral! During a Periscope, anyone watching can share your Periscope broadcast with their Periscope followers AND Twitter followers. That means your message is now being broadcast to people who you may have never otherwise reached.

2. It’s spontaneous!!! You get to capture attention when people are ripe to be snapped out of the boredom of their day by something cool and interesting you have to say.

3. It’s live! WOW. Think “reality TV” gone viral… People love to watch what’s going on in real time. Don’t you? It’s one of the coolest things about Periscope…it’s spontaneous and real.

4. It’s engaging! Periscope has created a really cool system for engagement based on comments and hearts. Hearts HEARTS IMAGEare awarded by the “viewer” (aka your audience) based on the value of the content you’re providing. The more hearts YOU gain, the higher up in the search listings your Periscope(s) will be found. This has created a drive for hosts to provide TERRIFIC, valuable and relevant content!!! PLUS, it’s SUPER INTERACTIVE — as the “Periscoper” you can engage with the viewers and they can comment live, give you hearts++ so as the host, you will welcome people, acknowledge the comments and keep them engaged LIVE!

5. It’s Twitter Endorsed! There isn’t much more that I need to say about that…they’ve got 302 million active users and Periscope is a tool to reach ALL of those users. Twitter is aggressively pushing Periscope to conquer their competition: Meerkat. (More on Meerkat in another post)

6. You can feature your product/service for FREE: The other day I did a Periscope on business and gave a quick tour of my garden tower. Afterward, people contacted me on FB and Twitter to find out where I got it. You can actually demonstrate any product (or share any service) and how to accurately use it, giving more value to the viewer/end user.

7. It’s the COOL Kid on the Scene & it’s where people are hanging out! The app alerts users
to what’s being broadcast in real time. People hop on throughout the day to get their “fix.”

8. #BOOMYourBusiness TRUTH: It’s addictive! It REALLY, really is. I’m a master of my time, and still, I find myself watching Periscopes before bed now, instead of a show or reading a book. Most of what I watch is business related, and the training I’ve accessed has been phenomenal. I’ve also gotten to explore other countries, take a ride through Rome, view Hawaiian beaches and more…the possibilities are simply endless.

9. It’s ALL recorded. YAY!!! If someone misses your Periscope, not a big deal. NO more worrying about people attending your webinar live! No worries, it will show up in their recorded “Finished” list and they can access it for 24 hours. Since it’s recorded, you can also share it with others (although this takes some tech skill). And…drum roll please…when someone shares YOUR Periscope live, it shows up in the recorded list of anyone they shared it with. This is how you REALLY expand your reach, #BOOMYourList & #RockYourResults

10. BONUS: It’s EASY!!!! Seriously, this is the easiest business building tool I’ve seen in years. It’s one of the easiest marketing tools you’ll ever use. If I CAN USE IT—SO CAN YOU!!!

So – these are my Tips to get on Periscope NOW!!


1-Download the Periscope App from your App Store.
2-Create your account and start following people. (I recommend you follow some of the great trainers you’re already engaging with or people you admire).
3-Watch a few Periscopes to get the hang and feel of it, and then it’s time to dive in and do your first Periscope!!
4- For the Beginners Guide, go to where you’ll get the list of beginner “To Do’s & To-Don’ts,” along with a recorded Periscope covering what simple equipment you need. This will help you get moving FAST!
5-Stay Tune for more information on my “Periscope Mastery” Course on Social Media, My Website++ coming this week!!

And of course, you can always hop on over to to leave me your comments and questions on the “10 #BOOMYourBusiness Reasons to Be on Periscope Today!” Oh AND be sure to share a link to your Periscope in the comments so we can watch you get your “Scope on” on to #RockYourResults ASAP!

To Your #BoomingBusiness Success,

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