Welcome to Part 3 of Periscope Power: How to Use Periscope to #BOOM Your Brand.

Ok so here’s the deal…I’m admittedly a Periscope addict – and the BEST part is it’s a healthy addiction!! No meetings needed 😉

Since my first broadcast, and having a blast, I’m noticed some powerful effects in my business. More people know about my brand, I’ve grown my list (for free), and I’ve even increased my sales.  Woo Hoo!

I want YOU to be able to do the exact same thing starting NOW. Not tomorrow – Today! So, right after reading this guide – go download the APP and just dive-in and have fun!

Here’s the Super Simple A-B-C Guide on How to Use Periscope for Your Brand

If you’re feeling a little insecure, or wondering how to use Periscope after you’ve downloaded the app – I’ve got you covered there too. Checkout my Periscope Mastery Course that will teach you 100% EVERYTHING you need to know, and then some, to become a #PeriscopeMaster ASAP! BUT Mastery isn’t the only goal, especially if you’re an Entrepreneur or Small Business. You have to know how to harness this power and that’s why I decided to create this three-part series, to highlight “Periscope Power!!

In ParScreenshot 2015-08-02 07.32.58t 3 of this series, I’ve highlighted exactly why & how you can #BoomYourBrand & #RockYourResults using Periscope, PLUS have fun while doing it! Pretty Awesome right?

If you’re a business owner looking to launch, expand or solidify your business brand –Periscope is where you NEED to be. I know, I know…I really do. Like me, you might be hesitating because of social media overload. You’re finally getting the hang of Instagram and YouTube and now it’s Periscope. <sigh> Sound familiar?

I felt the same way…BUT that’s the best part about Periscope you really don’t have to “learn” it like other platforms or social channels. All you really need is a little Periscope guidance, a #MakeItHappen attitude – and in about 20 minutes you’re on the road to #BoomYourBrand on Periscope. NO confusing setups. NO special equipment. NO slide presentations. NO editing. NO need for a Social Media Experts or Web Masters…just YOU and your mobile device. The coolest part about Periscope is; it really is SIMPLE!!!! The only thing you need to #BoomYourBrand using Periscope is…. {Drum Roll please} CONSISTENCY. You have to commit to “scoping” regularly. Just build it into your week like an appointment with a client/customer – -and have an accountability buddy to make sure you’re recording regularly. IF you do – you WILL #BoomYouBrand in a way you never imagined… You’ll also build a loyal following with a global audience and reach like you’ve never had before.

I know without a doubt that this is a game-changer for YOU…it has been for me! #PeriscopeMastery is all about living in the moment, being YOU, being real…actually the more YOU the better, the more engaged your audience will be, the more hearts you’ll get – those hearts are like candy…the more you have the more you want!  I’m developing my own #PeriscopeHeart addiction.

Once you are on, follow me @ShannonLavenia and join me for my Periscopes throughout the week (and be generous with the hearts)! Once a week I do a live scope on How to Use Periscope.

OK – well now that I have gushed about #Periscope.

As promised, here are my #BoomYourBrand “How to Use Periscope” TOP 8 TIPS!

Enjoy and drop a comment to share your #PerisopeSuccess:

  1. #KeepitReal: Be real, Be You and if you need ideas on what to broadcast = Google it baby!
  2. #Create Compelling Titles: Have fun and be creative with your titles. ALWAYS think about what would catch YOUR attention.
  3. #Interact: Always be sure to interact with your viewers – this is a true hangout to just connect.
  4. #AskQuestions: To build your brand, you have to know more about your potential clients. Get to know your audience by asking questions.
  5. #MoreIsMore: Broadcast often and consistently.
  6. #GiveToGet: Follow & Share those that follow you
  7. #AskForLove: Ask your viewers for what you want…hearts and shares
  8. #ViewersAreFriends: Look at your viewers as friends, NOT just viewers or potential customers. Focus on PEOPLE not business. J

Oh AND be sure to share a link to your Periscope in the comments so we can watch you get your “Scope on” on to #BoomYourBrand AND #RockYourResults ASAP!

Click Here to Download the Be A #PeriPro Action Guide

To Your #BoomingBusiness Success,

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