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In this episode, you’re getting an incredible interview chock-full of power-house advice that will bring you greater success and prosperity from the Godfather of Sales: Grant Cardone. I’ve listened to this interview like 10 times now and each time I walk away with another page of notes…

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Here’s a little back-story on how I got to know Grant and Grant Cardone 10X Everything.

I first met Grant back in 2008 when a friend drove me to his house to get some advice on my crashing business and real estate holdings. I was in a serious downward spiral. I watched half of my six-figure monthly income vanish when the company I worked with restructured their pay plan. I had over $2 million in real estate that was now worth a fraction of that. And…by all predictions it was getting worse.

On the outside, life looked amazing. Multiple houses, I drove a Bentley, etc. On the inside, the numbers weren’t adding up and the savings we had was drying up fast.It became outrageously clear that I had put all my eggs in too few baskets and the baskets had rotten bottoms.

Grant Cardone 10X

That Grant Cardone 10X meeting gave me the insight, inspiration, and concrete advice I needed to climb out of millions in losses to rebuild my enterprises and rise to the top of my game again.

In this interview, we talk about the Grant Cardone 10X Rule, Success As Your Duty, and the SECRET NO ONE IS TELLING YOU….

Whatever you think you’re capable of, 10X that. - Grant Cardone Click To Tweet

This “SECRET” is the fundamental mindset needed to turn everything around…to relieve yourself of debt, achieve greater levels of success, become a better spouse or parent, to conquer your fears and self-doubt, to reach and realize your goals.

It isn’t just about setting a goal, or taking a little bit more action. It starts with a realization…

In the interview, Grant and I both talk about the pivotal moments that changed everything for us and the decisions we made that catapulted us out of desperate situations into rock-star success. For Grant, he turned to the eLearning industry…a $30 Billion a year thriving enterprise growing at 10% or more per year. What’s dynamic about the eLearning industry, is anyone can get in and profit from their know-how and expertise. I’ll show you how in this upcoming webinar training – you’ll be amazing at how easy it can be.

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I recently interviewed Kimra Luna – a 30 year old online superstar who just 2 years ago was fresh off of welfare. If this blue-haired dynamo can rock it online to make $1.2million this year so far, you can too. Register for a seat in the Create Online Courses That Sell webinar and get the 5 step plan to turn what you know into a course people will want and buy.

Grant shares a vital piece of data about the current state of our economy, what’s coming next, and how you can protect yourself and your family. While everyone else’s attention is on the election, there’s some serious sh*t coming down the pike that you need to be aware of and prepared for.

Why Grant Cardone 10X Everything Is What You Need NOW.

If you’re frustrated with life, your career, your situation, listen to today’s podcast or watch the full video and get the answers you need to change your life. It’s time to start thriving instead of surviving and the Grant Cardone 10X everything system is your solution. Whenever I need the motivation or inspiration to give me that extra thrust of effort needed to cross an epic goal achieving finish line, I turn to Grant. Now you can too.

If you’re not familiar with Grant, his books, shows, or mega-success, visit his site and listen to every word you can. He’s the real deal when it comes to business and sales training.

And…start creating new streams of income. 

Look…you’ve got wisdom, experience, and know-how others want. Start using your expertise and sills to create new streams of income online. Grant and I both use webinars and online courses to serve millions who want to learn about what we teach. Whether it’s sales, marketing, business advice, banking, finance, dog training, dating skills, parenting, car repair, fixing toilets…whatever, you can create an online course that brings in an extra, reliable stream of income.



How To Follow In Grant’s Footsteps With a Proven Business Model

Grant’s a smart guy. You know it. That’s why you listen to him…and now it’s time to crank it out. Grant saw the writing on the wall and jumped into the eLearning industry…a $30Billion per year industry with an annual growth rate topping 10%. eLearning is where people turn to for the training, advice, education, and expertise they need to stay competitive, morph their careers, learn to cook, learn to code, learn just about anything and everything. Universities are transitioning to eLearning too. The eLearning model enables them to enroll more students, gives the students greater flexibility and it’s the way people want to get information now.

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You can start profiting from the eLearning industry by turning your experience and know-how into an online course. It’s easier than you may realize. In just a few short weeks, you can have an online course launched and enrolling new members like clockwork.

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