Periscope use is on the rise and I’m hot on it’s trail.

I’m not ashamed to admit it…

I’m an attention hog and Periscope is my new “it” tool…:-)

I love it. I love to be featured. I love to be promoted. I LOVE being on stage…Do you??

Even if you don’t – Periscope makes it easy, fun and well…user-friendly!

Imagine something SAFE but like being on the Red lights shining down, thousands of people hanging on every word

But YOU are in control…

Periscope is your personally controlled “paparazzi”!

Personally, I know my knowledge has REAL VALUE. I’m just good at harnessing Social Media, and so I share what has worked for me WITH YOU, to help you crate a seven-figure result like mine.


I have a very UNIQUE ability that most online & business trainers don’t have. I am a trained educator.

Before ever starting a business, I was a high-school teacher. That’s why the business owners in my courses find themselves  actually learning something and being able to apply it to their unique business for real results. Pretty cool, right?

#BoomingBusiness Success Fact: I’m dedicated to helping you change your life; become more prosperous, have more freedom, give more to others, achieve your goals, inspire more, and ultimately BE more in the world! Ooopsss….I went off on a tangent there. 

Which brings me to the “Power of Periscope” tutorial Part 1:

Getting out there, getting promoted, is a catalyst for my mission. And Grant Cardone has been a terrific support and platform to making that happen for me. 

That’s why I’m so FREAKIN’ stoked. (and…this is leading into Tonight, I hopped onto Grant Cardone’s Periscope, which led to me hopping over to Meerkat (per his instructions) for yet another one of his “over-the-top”, breakthrough trainings. (Don’t know what any of this means??? Well, you need to and I want to teach you…!

One thing about Periscope: It’s not a passive medium. Viewers aren’t just watching; they’re totally involved in the broadcast. – CNN

Periscope is very interactive, so it’s a way to engage others, even when you aren’t the host.

When I’m on a Grant Cardone Periscope, I pretty much hang on every word he says. And…I interact. I make comments, ask questions, give hearts, and reply to other attendees.

Grant Cardone sales training is the best. His advice, his motivation, his inspiration, and his coaching have had a real, positive, influential effect on my business and my drive. He’s just one of the cool things about Periscope use and how it can help you get better in your business.

I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is devoted to their own success. It goes something like, “You want to be better in sales? Get Grant Cardone sales training now…10X Everything, Sell to Survive, etc. etc.”

Periscope Use will start YOUR ball rolling….

#Booming Business Example: Yesterday was no different. I shared his expertise on a private training I was doing that led to my out-of-this-world experience tonight. It was a Periscope use training for folks who generous donated towards the “Save Kristi” campaign…in return, they got one kick-ass training on Periscope.

Nothing like helping others while learning; back to my “In The Spotlight” experience. So, I ended up on Meerkat. What is that? It’s like Periscope but a bit different. On Meerkat, hosts can choose to “Cameo” guests on the line. There were about 1300 of us and as soon as I figured out Grant could do that, I set a powerful INTENTION that I would be featured. Yes, there were a TON of people on there. No, Grant doesn’t really know who I am. No, there’s no “pre-set” way of making it out there.


I knew I HAD to be Cameo’d. It was my only thought. As I jotted down pages of notes, I commented, waited, commented, waited, stoked with anticipation.

I didn’t care that I was wearing a well worn, beyond sweaty, “hanged with my daughter all day”, had fun with water fights T-shirt. Or that my hair was a disaster. Nor that I wasn’t wearing a scrap of make-up. All I cared about was getting out there.

My intention was so strong that not only was I cameo’d in front of 1300 of Grant’s most committed audience, but so was someone else…someone so special, it was beyond belief. Shocking, actually. 

You’ll have to watch this recording of the Periscope I did moments later to get the full details. It’s OUTRAGEOUS. Follow what I did and watch your online presence GROW.

periscope use, grant cardone sales


#BoomingBusiness Tip: Periscope Power use can bring you more followers and more attention to your business than you ever imagined.

I know I talked a bit about Meerkat and how I was cameo’d there, but it was my initial Periscope use that got the whole night rolling. It was the training I did on Periscope use that helped other people get featured too.

I’m keeping this post short…it’s almost midnight and I still have a TON to accomplish tonight 😉

#BeBold. #BeAggressive. #BeSuccessful. #BoomYourBusiness

PS: Be sure to download your Periscope Action Guide!

To your Booming Success,

– Shannon



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