How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Wondering if Twitter is worth your time? Or what it can do for your business?

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Or, are you at the “What the heck is Twitter?” point? Or, how to promote your business on twitter???

At the beginning of 2015, I didn’t give a hoot about Twitter (gasp!). Quite frankly, it wasn’t even on my radar. I was knees deep in Facebook Ads, Instagram and direct traffic to promote my business. I wasn’t really sure what Twitter was or how one would use it to promote themselves or their business. It looked like a big waste of time to me.

That all changed when three things happened:

  1. Periscope was unleashed. I LOVE IT, use it, and promote with it. It’s directly connected to Twitter so I knew I needed to start building a following and learn it.
  2. Facebook shut down my ads account. Yes. It really did happen. After two nights of cold sweats, I decided I’d look at other social media platforms to get my lead gen back on track.
  3. I met Jennifer Lehner in Freedom Hackers Mastermind.

Jen’s not your typical “guru”.

She’s about the humblest person I’ve met. She’s not prone to bragging about her extraordinary skills on Twitter or her uncanny ability to know about the latest-greatest social media tool before anyone else does. That’s why I’m her biggest fan. JEN IS THE BOMB. Her Facebook Group, the Front Row, is an amazing community where you’ll learn about everything that’s new in digital marketing.

I spotted a post from Jen online and asked her if she would show me Periscope. We had never met and at that point weren’t even “friends”. Still, she said YES! The next day, we spent an hour on Skype and she walked me through Periscope. Since then, I’ve sold more than $30K of my Periscope Mastery course…and I give Jen all the credit. I would never had been able to show you how to use Periscope to successfully promote your business, gain more followers, create online influence, and more if she hadn’t been the first to give me the scoop! She knows her stuff inside and out. So, when Facebook turned me off, my next question to her was:

How to Promote Your Business on Twitter?

I’m not going to layout the entire plan here…you’ll hear it all in the Podcast. But know this: Jen’s advice on how to promote your business on twitter gave me substantial results FAST. I grew my followers organically to over 8,500. On a monthly basis, I have more than 35,000 checking out my profile. My tweet engagement has gone up substantially. Here’s today’s stats:

Screenshot 2016-01-28 16.47.07

Pretty awesome, right?

Numbers don’t lie. I’m getting a lot of attention on Twitter. Most importantly, that attention is turning into leads and sales.

So how can you promote your business on Twitter and get the attention you need to #BOOM?

In today’s episode, Jen shares how to promote your business on twitter with simple, effective strategies you can use to:

  • create a profile people love to follow,
  • connect with your target market,
  • engage other influencers,
  • grow your list and sell your products,
  • and more!

If you put what Jen shares to work, you’ll soon be using Twitter as a powerful marketing tool to #BoomYourBusiness. To really step up your Twitter game, become of member of Jen’s course, Bird Nerds! It’s the fastest way to grow your targeted audience on Twitter.

Anybody who has a Twitter handle, is someone you can contact. That's not true on any other… Click To Tweet

To get you #rocking, I’ve put together a 7 Day Twitter Challenge you can download by clicking here. Follow the instructions and the check-sheet to get more followers, more engagement, and more people coming to your profile daily.

Twitter Images

Hope over to #BIZBOOMERSCOMMUNITY for help with the challenge. I’m putting a video up to help you get these strategies to work!

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Rock Your Webinars With Amy Porterfield’s Webinar Strategy

Rock Your Webinars With Amy Porterfield’s Webinar Strategy

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Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll take away from today’s episode with Amy Porterfield.

  • How Amy Used Webinars to Launch a 7-Figure Online Business
  • The Questions To Ask To Know If You Should Be Using Webinars In Your Business
  • A Powerful Way to Become Profitable With Webinars…Even If You Don’t Have a Product!
  • The Full-Proof Method to Know If Webinars Will Work For You…(Before You Spent Time or Money On Them)
  • The “Newbie” Mistakes You Want to Avoid (And How To Side-Step Them Like a Pro)
  • How to Have a Super Thrilling Q & A Session Your Viewers Will LOVE!
  • Amy’s Advice on Automated Webinars
  • The Best Webinar Tools
  • Super Engaging Way to Increase Attendance on Your Webinars
  • How Amy Gets 12,000+ Registered Guests For Her Webinars
  • What’s Reasonable In Terms of “Show Rate”
  • How To Increase the Success & Sales Conversions on Your Webinars

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What do you do when one of your online marketing idols agrees to be a guest on your podcast?

A happy dance of course 😉

That’s exactly what I was doing when Amy Porterfield said “YES!!!” to being a guest on my podcast. (I even have witnesses)

A year ago, I didn’t even know who Amy was….whaaaaat? But in 2015, she rocked my world. This chic has it GOING ON! Not only is she earning millions online, she’s super cool, wickedly funny, and just..well..NICE! Seriously! Sweet as pie.

How I Connected With Amy and #BOOMed With Her Webinar Training

A few days after the New Year, I penned a post “The Surprising Lessons I Learned in 2015…”. Last year was a year of transformation for me. A big part of that transformation was my commitment to shannon & amystudy and learning, I devoured course after course on marketing, branding, blogging, finance, and more.

I purchased a course with Amy’s affiliate link because I liked the bonuses she was offering (they were really juicy!), including a special course on webinars. I’ve done webinars for years but wanted to increase my registrations, tune-in rate, and conversions. The bonuses Amy doled out were worth more than the $2,000 I paid for the original course! She poured on the Awesomeness. It included a member’s only Bonus site and a weekend retreat in San Diego. The retreat was amazing and focused on how to scale a business to the 7-figure level by focusing on income-driving activities. It was an amazing networking event, I learned a ton, and made some new business besties.

Amy Porterfield’s Webinar Bonus Changed How I Do Webinars

There’s a few big changes I’ve made in my webinars that have made a solid improvement in my conversions and sales. In today’s podcast, I asked Amy questions focused on helping you maximize your results with webinars. Amy shares tips and strategies, including some painful mistakes to avoid, so you can get your business #BOOMing with webinars.

Webinars are a home run for anybody that has an online training course. @Amy Porterfield Click To Tweet

Since the moment I clicked on Amy’s affiliate link to now, I’ve listened to a plethora of her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast episodes, applied lessons from her Show Notes Worksheets, remodeled my business to include her advice and guidance, and increased my following, sales, and revenue with strategies she suggested I employ.

SheScreenshot 2016-01-18 17.59.16 even inspired me to do this podcast (and helped with the naming!).

At the retreat, Amy gave me a bit of “non-webinar” advice I’ll pass on to you as an extra bonus…include your searchable keyword in the title of your podcast. Hence, the Booming BUSINESS Podcast and Amy’s ONLINE MARKETING made easy.

I could go on and on about how amazing Amy is. It’s pretty evident I’m a fan. My advice, YOU SHOULD BE TOO! She’ll rock your world and help you get #rockstar results in your business. To attend Amy’s upcoming Free Master Class, click here now!.


Get Your Free Copy Of The Booming Business Webinar Prep Checklist

To help you put what you’re learning in today’s podcast to work in your business, I created a special Action Guide: “The Booming Business Webinar Checklist”. Click here now and you’ll get the PDF Download PLUS the Full Audio Transcription so you can read along while you listen, highlight, take notes, and put it to action.


Enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how you’ll be using this training in your business.

Much love,

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PS: Here’s a list of recommended webinar tools you’ll love!
Easy Webinar



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Top 10 Reason You Need to be Using Periscope Today…Or Yesterday!

Top 10 Reason You Need to be Using Periscope Today…Or Yesterday!

This is Part 1 of a 3-Part Series to DECODE Periscope so YOU can start using it today!!! I’m guessing that, like everyone else on the planet, you’ve been hearing A LOT about Periscope, and how it’s the next “cool kid on the block.” BUT, again like many people, you might not have any idea what it is, or how to use it to #BOOMYourBusiness!!

If you want to #BOOMYourBusiness on Social Media – You NEED to be on Periscope, and I’m Sharing My TOP 10 Reasons Persicope Will Help You #RockYourResults…

So…What is this Periscope Thing and why is there so much buzz about Periscope?

Periscope was an APP developed by a start-up that Twitter purchased for $100 Million in March 2015, and they quickly re-branded it, relaunched it in the iOS store and #Boom instant phenomenon. Since then, it’s taken off like WILD-FIRE. Twitter is all about Periscope and is using it to regain some of it’s previous popularity in the world of social media. It’s one of the hottest new social media platforms and is rising up the ranks to the TOP 100 new apps around, including gaining Editor’s Choice status.

It’s NEW, It’s FUN…and Most of all EVERYONE is Paying Attention!!

As an “early adopter”, the benefits are HUGE! You get to be ahead of the crowd, you can create your following first, and BEST of all, capture more attention with less competition.

So-here are MY “Top Secret” – Top 10 #BOOMYourBusiness Reasons to Be on Periscope Today…


1. It’s viral! During a Periscope, anyone watching can share your Periscope broadcast with their Periscope followers AND Twitter followers. That means your message is now being broadcast to people who you may have never otherwise reached.

2. It’s spontaneous!!! You get to capture attention when people are ripe to be snapped out of the boredom of their day by something cool and interesting you have to say.

3. It’s live! WOW. Think “reality TV” gone viral… People love to watch what’s going on in real time. Don’t you? It’s one of the coolest things about Periscope…it’s spontaneous and real.

4. It’s engaging! Periscope has created a really cool system for engagement based on comments and hearts. Hearts HEARTS IMAGEare awarded by the “viewer” (aka your audience) based on the value of the content you’re providing. The more hearts YOU gain, the higher up in the search listings your Periscope(s) will be found. This has created a drive for hosts to provide TERRIFIC, valuable and relevant content!!! PLUS, it’s SUPER INTERACTIVE — as the “Periscoper” you can engage with the viewers and they can comment live, give you hearts++ so as the host, you will welcome people, acknowledge the comments and keep them engaged LIVE!

5. It’s Twitter Endorsed! There isn’t much more that I need to say about that…they’ve got 302 million active users and Periscope is a tool to reach ALL of those users. Twitter is aggressively pushing Periscope to conquer their competition: Meerkat. (More on Meerkat in another post)

6. You can feature your product/service for FREE: The other day I did a Periscope on business and gave a quick tour of my garden tower. Afterward, people contacted me on FB and Twitter to find out where I got it. You can actually demonstrate any product (or share any service) and how to accurately use it, giving more value to the viewer/end user.

7. It’s the COOL Kid on the Scene & it’s where people are hanging out! The app alerts users
to what’s being broadcast in real time. People hop on throughout the day to get their “fix.”

8. #BOOMYourBusiness TRUTH: It’s addictive! It REALLY, really is. I’m a master of my time, and still, I find myself watching Periscopes before bed now, instead of a show or reading a book. Most of what I watch is business related, and the training I’ve accessed has been phenomenal. I’ve also gotten to explore other countries, take a ride through Rome, view Hawaiian beaches and more…the possibilities are simply endless.

9. It’s ALL recorded. YAY!!! If someone misses your Periscope, not a big deal. NO more worrying about people attending your webinar live! No worries, it will show up in their recorded “Finished” list and they can access it for 24 hours. Since it’s recorded, you can also share it with others (although this takes some tech skill). And…drum roll please…when someone shares YOUR Periscope live, it shows up in the recorded list of anyone they shared it with. This is how you REALLY expand your reach, #BOOMYourList & #RockYourResults

10. BONUS: It’s EASY!!!! Seriously, this is the easiest business building tool I’ve seen in years. It’s one of the easiest marketing tools you’ll ever use. If I CAN USE IT—SO CAN YOU!!!

So – these are my Tips to get on Periscope NOW!!


1-Download the Periscope App from your App Store.
2-Create your account and start following people. (I recommend you follow some of the great trainers you’re already engaging with or people you admire).
3-Watch a few Periscopes to get the hang and feel of it, and then it’s time to dive in and do your first Periscope!!
4- For the Beginners Guide, go to where you’ll get the list of beginner “To Do’s & To-Don’ts,” along with a recorded Periscope covering what simple equipment you need. This will help you get moving FAST!
5-Stay Tune for more information on my “Periscope Mastery” Course on Social Media, My Website++ coming this week!!

And of course, you can always hop on over to to leave me your comments and questions on the “10 #BOOMYourBusiness Reasons to Be on Periscope Today!” Oh AND be sure to share a link to your Periscope in the comments so we can watch you get your “Scope on” on to #RockYourResults ASAP!

To Your #BoomingBusiness Success,

Shannon Signature






Business Expansion & Productivity Strategist

~#BalanceYourLife & #BOOMYourBusiness~

“Never underestimate the pure power of a person with passion, determination, and an unwavering, relentless drive for greatness.” ~ Shannon Lavenia




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Crafty Periscope Use: How Grant Cardone Featured Me.

Crafty Periscope Use: How Grant Cardone Featured Me.

Periscope use is on the rise and I’m hot on it’s trail.

I’m not ashamed to admit it…

I’m an attention hog and Periscope is my new “it” tool…:-)

I love it. I love to be featured. I love to be promoted. I LOVE being on stage…Do you??

Even if you don’t – Periscope makes it easy, fun and well…user-friendly!

Imagine something SAFE but like being on the Red lights shining down, thousands of people hanging on every word

But YOU are in control…

Periscope is your personally controlled “paparazzi”!

Personally, I know my knowledge has REAL VALUE. I’m just good at harnessing Social Media, and so I share what has worked for me WITH YOU, to help you crate a seven-figure result like mine.


I have a very UNIQUE ability that most online & business trainers don’t have. I am a trained educator.

Before ever starting a business, I was a high-school teacher. That’s why the business owners in my courses find themselves  actually learning something and being able to apply it to their unique business for real results. Pretty cool, right?

#BoomingBusiness Success Fact: I’m dedicated to helping you change your life; become more prosperous, have more freedom, give more to others, achieve your goals, inspire more, and ultimately BE more in the world! Ooopsss….I went off on a tangent there. 

Which brings me to the “Power of Periscope” tutorial Part 1:

Getting out there, getting promoted, is a catalyst for my mission. And Grant Cardone has been a terrific support and platform to making that happen for me. 

That’s why I’m so FREAKIN’ stoked. (and…this is leading into Tonight, I hopped onto Grant Cardone’s Periscope, which led to me hopping over to Meerkat (per his instructions) for yet another one of his “over-the-top”, breakthrough trainings. (Don’t know what any of this means??? Well, you need to and I want to teach you…!

One thing about Periscope: It’s not a passive medium. Viewers aren’t just watching; they’re totally involved in the broadcast. – CNN

Periscope is very interactive, so it’s a way to engage others, even when you aren’t the host.

When I’m on a Grant Cardone Periscope, I pretty much hang on every word he says. And…I interact. I make comments, ask questions, give hearts, and reply to other attendees.

Grant Cardone sales training is the best. His advice, his motivation, his inspiration, and his coaching have had a real, positive, influential effect on my business and my drive. He’s just one of the cool things about Periscope use and how it can help you get better in your business.

I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is devoted to their own success. It goes something like, “You want to be better in sales? Get Grant Cardone sales training now…10X Everything, Sell to Survive, etc. etc.”

Periscope Use will start YOUR ball rolling….

#Booming Business Example: Yesterday was no different. I shared his expertise on a private training I was doing that led to my out-of-this-world experience tonight. It was a Periscope use training for folks who generous donated towards the “Save Kristi” campaign…in return, they got one kick-ass training on Periscope.

Nothing like helping others while learning; back to my “In The Spotlight” experience. So, I ended up on Meerkat. What is that? It’s like Periscope but a bit different. On Meerkat, hosts can choose to “Cameo” guests on the line. There were about 1300 of us and as soon as I figured out Grant could do that, I set a powerful INTENTION that I would be featured. Yes, there were a TON of people on there. No, Grant doesn’t really know who I am. No, there’s no “pre-set” way of making it out there.


I knew I HAD to be Cameo’d. It was my only thought. As I jotted down pages of notes, I commented, waited, commented, waited, stoked with anticipation.

I didn’t care that I was wearing a well worn, beyond sweaty, “hanged with my daughter all day”, had fun with water fights T-shirt. Or that my hair was a disaster. Nor that I wasn’t wearing a scrap of make-up. All I cared about was getting out there.

My intention was so strong that not only was I cameo’d in front of 1300 of Grant’s most committed audience, but so was someone else…someone so special, it was beyond belief. Shocking, actually. 

You’ll have to watch this recording of the Periscope I did moments later to get the full details. It’s OUTRAGEOUS. Follow what I did and watch your online presence GROW.

periscope use, grant cardone sales


#BoomingBusiness Tip: Periscope Power use can bring you more followers and more attention to your business than you ever imagined.

I know I talked a bit about Meerkat and how I was cameo’d there, but it was my initial Periscope use that got the whole night rolling. It was the training I did on Periscope use that helped other people get featured too.

I’m keeping this post short…it’s almost midnight and I still have a TON to accomplish tonight 😉

#BeBold. #BeAggressive. #BeSuccessful. #BoomYourBusiness

PS: Be sure to download your Periscope Action Guide!

To your Booming Success,

– Shannon



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Update: Facebook Is Changing How You Can Post to Groups Using Third-Party Automation Services

Update: Facebook Is Changing How You Can Post to Groups Using Third-Party Automation Services

FB CHANGE1Yep! They’re at it again. Just when we think we have this whole Facebook think figured out, Facebook is changing how you can post to groups using third-party automation services.

Social media is a valuable part of my business model. Probably yours too. To keep everything organized and up-to-date, I use a third-party posting service called MeetEdgar. MeetEdgar makes posting to my Facebook profile, pages and groups mindless and automated. You may be using a different service like HootSuite or TinyTorch. I like MeetEdgar because it’s easy to use and the functionality is right on target with what I’m doing in my business. (I’m not an affiliate of them…just really like them!).

I truly love social media automation…it makes business easier and more efficient. I’m able to sit down for an hour or two (or my assistant does) and load up all the content for the week for Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. It also keeps me from diving head deep into the black hole time-warp of Facebook. It seems like every time I get on there, an hour or two is lost in never-never land.  There’s too many cool videos of cute kittens, etc. Know the feeling?

By automatically posting to my private groups and others’ public groups, I’m efficiently using a free strategy to grow my list, provide real value in the marketplace, attract attention to what I’m doing and more. It’s a great way to attract attention to free offers, trainings, etc. and the automation keeps me productive and on task.

Facebook Changing How You Can Post to Groups Will Affect Your Business In These 3 Ways

Facebook changing how you can post to groups will have a substantial effect on your business, especially if you use an automated posting service.

  1. You can no longer use a third-party automation service to post to your private/closed groups. Even though you own them, the change limits your posting to your groups too.
  2. You can no longer use a third-party automation service to post to public groups. This will reduce the efficiency of your marketing efforts to other people’s groups.
  3. You won’t be able to automate your posts to any Facebook Groups, although you will still be able to automate your profile and page posts.

Adapting Your Marketing to Facebook Changing How You Can Post to Groups

If you rely on an automated service, you will still be able to use it to post to your personal profile page as well as your Facebook Pages (business, product, celebrity, etc). Why is Facebook changing how you can post to groups? For a variety of reasons – some good, some not so good.

One, there have been many complaints about people using automated services to essentially spam groups. This has led to a lot of groups being abandoned due to crappy content. It sucks, but there are people who will abuse just about anything. Personally, I don’t understand the spamming because it isn’t an effective nor a positive way of marketing.

Second, group owners don’t want to spend time approving all of the content and they don’t want to limit their group’s growth by making it private either. Facebook’s answer to this is to ensure a real, live person is actually posting the content rather than a third-party provider.

The underlying benefit is that groups will more than likely have better content and give members greater value. It will, indeed, eliminate group post spamming for a short while. It’s pretty certain that Facebook changing how you can post to groups isn’t going to stop spammers and a work around will soon be found. I’m sure we’ll see some program popping up in the near future with a low-ticket software of some sort to work around this restriction.

Most of the automated social media posting services are in communication with Facebook to see if a solution can be identified that is workable at eliminating spam while also enabling their paid members to post relevant content in an automated and timely manner. I’m eager to see what work arounds come about in the near future to help me (and you) keep my automation to the max!

Leave a comment below with 2 cool things you learned from this post and how it’s going to help you in your business.

Rock on with your prosperous self!




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