Blab is Dead – Why Live-Streaming Companies Struggle

Blab is Dead – Why Live-Streaming Companies Struggle

Blab is dead. I’m sad. It was an amazing platform that got a lot of immediate attention. Super stars like Grant Cardone took to the airways and it was a way to pop-in and connect with iinfluencers and creators.

So Blab is dead. So is, who closed their doors on May 4, 2016. Katch provided an amazing service by allowing Periscopers and those on Meerkat to capture their streams for perpetuity. You could download all the videos and then use them as content on any other platform…YouTube, blogs, etc.

blab is dead

Why did Blab and Katch fail to survive in the wild west of live-streaming start-ups?

Why has Meerkat announced that they are on the brink of collapse as well…strategically transforming from a live-streaming model to a video upload model?

Who’s on the horizon that looks like they’ll be staying and playing for the long-term?

Read on…

Why Blab is Dead, Katch spiraled out of business, and Meerkat has lost ground. 

There are a number of reasons that these companies failed to survive but the #1 reason is a failure to correctly compute the amount of effort it would take to thrive in the marketplace. As with many new start-ups, they all experienced the effect of “newness” with a huge upward swing that looked destined for super-stardom. During that initial influx of growth, they failed to predict and correctly prepare for the potential changes that could occur such as new competitor start-ups, Facebook starting their own Live Streaming, adaptive customer usage, etc. etc.

As with every new company, there’s an observe-adapt-predict cycle of action that needs to be taken. It’s often disregarded during the celebrations of instant success and when it does get instituted, it’s too late to change the course of ultimate failure.

First, these companies all needed to correctly observe and evaluate HOW the users were mostly utilizing their service. In the case of Blab, they really wanted it to be a platform for people to host shows, educate, entertain, experience benefits of business expansion or bringing value to the marketplace. What it turned into was a “hang-out” where people would just get on to chit-chat and make friends. What Blab failed to do was properly promote the influencers, push forward the top shows, AND create a paid model. Had there been an opportunity to have a paid membership where top show hosts could advertise and list build right on the platform, it would have been ideal and generated sources of revenue for BLAB.

The top users in Katch were asking for a Premium level with more control of their content. Their requests were disregarded.

Or, they could have simply followed the trending usage and made it more enticing for hanging-out…again utilizing an advertising model that aligns with that audience to drive in revenue. Idealism about not utilizing advertising on a platform is almost always a catalyst for certain death as the cost to maintain the technology for live-streaming is burdensome and can be catastrophic without a proper income generation model.

Did the fall of give us clues to the inevitable announcement that Blab is dead. 

Yes. When announced their closing, it had us all looking at who was next.

I spoke with the owners of at the Periscope live conferenced in New York City. The nicest people ever! While I loved Katch in general, one of my primary complaints about was the inability to choose what was “Katched” and what wasn’t. I didn’t want everything I broadcasted on Periscope to be available in Katch for perpetuity. I also didn’t want to spend the time to go into Katch to delete it after the fact. The fact of the matter is that I did some live-streams exclusive to particular audiences and having it available on Katch was a problem.

With Katch, they simply did not plan effectively and ran out of energy and money. They couldn’t secure the investments needed to continue their growth. Great company. Crappy planning. Here’s a screenshot of their growth.

failing tech compamies

I’ve seen this with a number of tech companies I’ve worked with. They have a great idea, great programmers, and crappy business people at the helm of the company. They aren’t correctly crunching numbers, haven’t thought through their revenue modeling, and are sometimes running on idealism. The fact is, advertising, membership, and creating avenues for revenue generation are what keep a company afloat, pay the employees, and generate the foundation for strong revenue. They focused more on membership growth, which sucked up server space, bandwith and resources while giving very little attention to revenue growth.


Oh Meerkat…what have you learned? I first learned about Meerkat from my friend, Grant Cardone, who took to the platform and, in my opinion, made it well known. Meerkat started with a huge bang, securing $12million in venture capital in 2015. However, the struggles started early and it was pretty much a bumper-car ride to an inevitable white flag waving.

First, Twitter gave Meerkat a one-two punch by denying access to it’s social graph, making it harder for users to find the people they would like to follow and watch on Meerkat. That was followed by Twitter’s love affair with Periscope. Periscope took the front lead backed by the very deep pockets and instant uploads to Twitter.

Meerkat stumbled to find enough interesting broadcasters. They had about 100,000 broadcasters, a fraction of which were regularly broadcasting or were interesting enough to draw a regular audience. Even Grant began using Periscope more and more and Meerkat less and less. Meerkat hasn’t kicked the bucket just yet. Rather, they are repackaging and reformatting in an attempt to compete in the video streaming world. We’ll see how that goes…but it doesn’t look good since their last blog update was March 4!!??. When companies stop communicating, it’s usually because their isn’t any good news to share.  Good Luck Ben Rubin!

Who’s Left Now that Blab is Dead – Periscope, FB Live, Snapchat

Let’s talk Periscope.

When I heard Periscope was being backed by Twitter, I knew it was a long-term play. So, I did what any adventurous entrepreneur does, I got on, learned it, grew an audience, and constructed a course called Periscope Mastery.

Periscope has been on the rise, as the leader in mobile live-streaming apps. With over 10,000,000 active users, it’s still a big hit. Recently, they have made several developments including:

  • Broadcasting from a GoPro or Drone
  • Sketch – the ability to draw on your broadcast
  • Instant livestreaming on Twitter
  • Finding broadcasts on the map for replays
  • Instant skip ahead on replays
  • The ability to watch on Apple TV (HUGE!!!)

Needless to say, Periscope is here to stay and is Twitter’s live-streaming baby.

What about FB Live? 

Facebook Live started with a rolling launch. influencers got it first creating instant buzz and a “have to have it” sensation. Then it rolled out to everyone and it’s one of the best platforms. My videos get thousands of views without any paid promotion or trying to bring in a ton of followers, etc. It’s a money-maker, that’s for sure.

FB live is here to stay and you should be using it. There are many free tools you can use to enhance your abilities on FB live, including Online Broadcaster Services, a free service that allows you to screen share, split-screen, and brand your videos. Plus, you can BOOST your Live-Streams giving you that extra umphh when you are doing a promotion.

An then there is SnapChat

I wish I could tell you more about this super phenom, but alas, I haven’t started using it. It’s next on my list to dig in and rock with.

I can tell you it’s here to stay. Facebook once offered SnapChat $3 billion for a buyout and one of the co-founders declined the cash offer. Whaaatttt???? So Facebook did what Facebook does and set out to crush Snapchat with their own copy-cat app called Slingshot. Slingshot bombed, leaving SnapChat in the lead for it’s unique niche market of instantly disappearing, watch once image/video sharing. It became infamous for teenage sexting but has gained an entirely new reputation as influencers have jumped on board promoting more valuable and engaging content.

Who else is out there….

There’s a slew of other live-streaming apps, none of which have proven if they have the long-term stability, smarts behind the wheel, funding resources, or vision to stand the test of time. We’ll see how, Firetalk, and others.

And the hot news now is that YouTube has announced live-streaming through their app as well. We’ll see what that looks like, but of course, it’s most likely here to stay backed by the mega-bucks of Google.

It’s sad to say that Blab is Dead and to watch the fall of great ideas. I honor each of these innovators as they took risks and faced challenges few are ever willing to endeavor. While they didn’t make it, they did make a mark and for that they should be remembered.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on live-streaming and where you see the future heading. 


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Grant Cardone 10X: The Secret No One Is Telling You

Grant Cardone 10X: The Secret No One Is Telling You

Ready for some Grant Cardone 10X Awesomeness???


In this episode, you’re getting an incredible interview chock-full of power-house advice that will bring you greater success and prosperity from the Godfather of Sales: Grant Cardone. I’ve listened to this interview like 10 times now and each time I walk away with another page of notes…

So grab a pen and paper, you’ll need it. Click here to download the full Grab The Show-Notes Here

Here’s a little back-story on how I got to know Grant and Grant Cardone 10X Everything.

I first met Grant back in 2008 when a friend drove me to his house to get some advice on my crashing business and real estate holdings. I was in a serious downward spiral. I watched half of my six-figure monthly income vanish when the company I worked with restructured their pay plan. I had over $2 million in real estate that was now worth a fraction of that. And…by all predictions it was getting worse.

On the outside, life looked amazing. Multiple houses, I drove a Bentley, etc. On the inside, the numbers weren’t adding up and the savings we had was drying up fast.It became outrageously clear that I had put all my eggs in too few baskets and the baskets had rotten bottoms.

Grant Cardone 10X

That Grant Cardone 10X meeting gave me the insight, inspiration, and concrete advice I needed to climb out of millions in losses to rebuild my enterprises and rise to the top of my game again.

In this interview, we talk about the Grant Cardone 10X Rule, Success As Your Duty, and the SECRET NO ONE IS TELLING YOU….

Whatever you think you’re capable of, 10X that. - Grant Cardone Click To Tweet

This “SECRET” is the fundamental mindset needed to turn everything around…to relieve yourself of debt, achieve greater levels of success, become a better spouse or parent, to conquer your fears and self-doubt, to reach and realize your goals.

It isn’t just about setting a goal, or taking a little bit more action. It starts with a realization…

In the interview, Grant and I both talk about the pivotal moments that changed everything for us and the decisions we made that catapulted us out of desperate situations into rock-star success. For Grant, he turned to the eLearning industry…a $30 Billion a year thriving enterprise growing at 10% or more per year. What’s dynamic about the eLearning industry, is anyone can get in and profit from their know-how and expertise. I’ll show you how in this upcoming webinar training – you’ll be amazing at how easy it can be.

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I recently interviewed Kimra Luna – a 30 year old online superstar who just 2 years ago was fresh off of welfare. If this blue-haired dynamo can rock it online to make $1.2million this year so far, you can too. Register for a seat in the Create Online Courses That Sell webinar and get the 5 step plan to turn what you know into a course people will want and buy.

Grant shares a vital piece of data about the current state of our economy, what’s coming next, and how you can protect yourself and your family. While everyone else’s attention is on the election, there’s some serious sh*t coming down the pike that you need to be aware of and prepared for.

Why Grant Cardone 10X Everything Is What You Need NOW.

If you’re frustrated with life, your career, your situation, listen to today’s podcast or watch the full video and get the answers you need to change your life. It’s time to start thriving instead of surviving and the Grant Cardone 10X everything system is your solution. Whenever I need the motivation or inspiration to give me that extra thrust of effort needed to cross an epic goal achieving finish line, I turn to Grant. Now you can too.

If you’re not familiar with Grant, his books, shows, or mega-success, visit his site and listen to every word you can. He’s the real deal when it comes to business and sales training.

And…start creating new streams of income. 

Look…you’ve got wisdom, experience, and know-how others want. Start using your expertise and sills to create new streams of income online. Grant and I both use webinars and online courses to serve millions who want to learn about what we teach. Whether it’s sales, marketing, business advice, banking, finance, dog training, dating skills, parenting, car repair, fixing toilets…whatever, you can create an online course that brings in an extra, reliable stream of income.



How To Follow In Grant’s Footsteps With a Proven Business Model

Grant’s a smart guy. You know it. That’s why you listen to him…and now it’s time to crank it out. Grant saw the writing on the wall and jumped into the eLearning industry…a $30Billion per year industry with an annual growth rate topping 10%. eLearning is where people turn to for the training, advice, education, and expertise they need to stay competitive, morph their careers, learn to cook, learn to code, learn just about anything and everything. Universities are transitioning to eLearning too. The eLearning model enables them to enroll more students, gives the students greater flexibility and it’s the way people want to get information now.

Register for the Webclass

You can start profiting from the eLearning industry by turning your experience and know-how into an online course. It’s easier than you may realize. In just a few short weeks, you can have an online course launched and enrolling new members like clockwork.

I’ll show you how to create Online Courses That Sell in this upcoming Master Class online webinar.
Grab The Show-Notes Here

Watch the full video on YouTube Now. 

The Newbies Guide on How To Create a High-Converting Squeeze Page

The Newbies Guide on How To Create a High-Converting Squeeze Page

You want to grow an online business, which means you need to create your online presence, grow an e-mail list, and gain the attention of an audience that would love to buy your products and services, right?

Yes, it’s true. It can be daunting, frustrating, and you may want to break something in the process of learning how to do it, but it’s totally worth it my friend.

I get where you’re coming from…here’s how to crush those worries.

When I started my business way back in 2002, doing anything online was foreign to me. My online capabilities extended to playing games on Yahoo and doing Yahoo Searches for topics related to my Biology curriculum. Those searches often turned up some..well..”interesting” content.

My aptitude for computers was so low my husband eventually put child restrictions on my computer to prevent me from repeating the virus downloads and X-rated pop-up sites I seemed to end up in. Not that I was looking for porn, mind you. But when you do searches for things like “The Reproductive System” images, that’s what shows up. (I was a Biology teacher, remember?)

I didn’t consider doing any type of online marketing until a friend mentioned Google to me early in 2003. I hadn’t heard of it (told you I was in the dark ages) and did a Yahoo Search on Google (so wrong…I know!).

Up popped Google and my first search was “What is Google?”. My eye went directly to the ads on the right side of the page…oooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!

Images of instant lead flow popped in my head and so began my online marketing adventures.

I didn’t have a lick of experience, but definitely had the drive to learn it and do it. At the time my only lead flow was the result of distributing 5,000 flyers per week on foot and two newspaper ads. I was doing well…that alone got me to $40K a month in income, but I knew that online marketing could help me do it better, faster, and easier. Plus, I was tired of getting chased our of parking lots by Rambo wanna-be security guards protecting their guests from the possibility of a life of freedom. That and it was hot as hell in Tucson…my tan was awesome but the heat was killing me. I was sweating places you should never sweat and it was making the leather in my Lexus funky.

I purchased a course called “Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet”. While I waited for it to arrive…(yes, they actually shipped courses back in the old days), I created a simple website using a replicated website system similar to what is now available like LeadPages or ClickFunnels. I placed my first ads on Google Adwords and I was golden.

I’m THAT type of gal…I do shit before I even now how to do it and then say a Hail Mary hoping it works. It usually does but I have walked through the fire of some epic failures. Fortunately my husband’s gotten used to the fact that I’m a bit of a maverick.

This time I was golden…Within 1 week, I had 300 fresh leads and my new course still hadn’t arrived. Plus, my husband developed a new type of adoration for me called “holy shit, my wife’s a magician”. enjoytoday

John and I were doing a freakin’ happy dance. That week alone we made $22K in sales.

A month later we raked in a cool $133K in profits. We were like teenagers getting drunk for the first-time…giddy and stupid. Just 5 months earlier I was teaching high school Biology for a degrading $2K a month paycheck. Now I was earning over $25K a week.

Since then, I’ve focused entirely on online marketing and it’s been the golden ticket to consistently earning high six-figures profits every year. It’s enabled me to travel the world, work form home, live wherever I feel like it, donate hundreds of thousands, work when I want and not when I don’t, create multiple businesses, etc. etc. etc. Get the picture? It’s bliss.

It’s not as easy now as it was in 2003.

In 2003, I was the only direct sales gal online. No one else was really building their network marketing business using the web. Sad but true. I didn’t know how to create a high-converting squeeze page, I was just the only girl on the block doing it. I was an innovator and people thought I was nuts. Totally cool with me. I loved how they told me it was a mistake while I made a fortune.

Until it crashed. Seriously. Google Adwords decided they hated direct sales companies and turned my account off. Lead count? 300 to zero in 60 seconds flat.

That’s when I realized that in order to keep my lead flow going, I had to become super adept at predicting changes, diversifying, and leveraging different marketing streams. How people got to my site changed.

What didn’t change was how I created my sites.

By that point, I had gotten really good and had a great understanding of how to create a high-converting squeeze page. The formula is pretty basic and common-sense. Admittedly, I was a bit surprised that I didn’t have to change how I created my sites, just the traffic sources. The methods used to create high-converting websites remained stable and true.

The Most Important Step to Creating High-Converting Websites

First, you have know your audience. You have to know who your creating the website for. This will determine your language, colors, images, amount of text, and structure of the site.

Men in their 20’s will respond very differently than men in their 40’s. Women who are mothers will respond differently than women who aren’t. Men who make $30K a year will respond to different language and structure than men who bring home $100K or more. Executive women will respond to different language than women who are housewives.

The first step to creating a high-converting lead generation page is to know your audience… Click To Tweet.

Know the demographics, understand their problems, get clear on how they like to be spoken to and what attracts them.

Then, Offer Something They Really Want

If you understand the problems of your ICA, then you’ll understand what solutions you can offer. This is super important when learning and implementing how to create a high-converting squeeze page. Giving your audience a freebie (e-book, video, mini-course, etc) that helps them solve a smaller problem entices them to opt-in to your list, get your freebie, and have a win with it. This alone helps to build trust and rapport with your list members. Then you can offer your course, services, or products that help solve their bigger problems.

Use imagery with your freebie offer. Have your offer look incredibly amazing and super valuable to your target audience.

Craft Your Content Using Language They Would Use

When you create a headline or body text that contains the exact same language your audience is using, it appeals directly to them. How do you get this information? Survey, scour Facebook groups, analyze tweets. This is called market research and it’s vitally important to the success of your lead generation page and offer.

Once you have this data, use the words in a headline, in the body copy, in videos you create. Speaking in your audiences’ own words connects you to them, it makes YOU and your offer real.

Structure Your Site

Here’s where you get to create. If you’re brand new to the web, I highly recommend using LeadPages or ClickFunnels to create your opt-in pages. Both of these tools are super easy to use, have pre-designed templates, and give you flexibility to customize and create your magical content. There’s a few rules to follow when you are creating your pages:

  1. Stick with the colors your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar – a mocked-up representation of the person who ideally will buy from you) How to create a high-converting squeeze pageconnects with. Don’t use more than 2 – 3 colors on your site.
  2. Don’t use more than two fonts on your site and stick with fonts your ICA will connect with.
  3. Try to keep the Opt-In button “above the fold”. This means that someone would not have to scroll down to see it.
  4. Create mystery and desire with your squeeze page copy. Don’t satisfy it. You want people to opt-in before getting the solutions to their problems.
  5. Use images or video. Video is the highest converting option.
  6. Create a Thank You page that matches the opt-in page. Use the space on your thank you page well. Include social media share buttons, testimonials, etc.

In theBooming Business Funnel Checklist., I lay out step-by-step how to create a high-converting squeeze page.Follow along with each step as it guides you easily through the details on how to create a high-converting squeeze page.

Once your site is done, set up a Split Test.

I’m often asked how I create high-converting opt-in pages that get opt-in rates as high as 60%. I test. Seriously, I create split test after split test until I have the perfect combination of colors, images, button location, etc. Once it’s tested, then it’s golden and I use it until I find an even better solution. With both LeadPages and ClickFunnels you can easily create great pages. Have fun with it. Be sure to only change one variable so you really know what made the difference. I talk about this in the Booming Business Funnel Checklist.

Test It Before You Use it.

Once your page is completed, be sure to opt-in yourself to test that everything is working. Once you’ve verified that your opt-in form is working and you’ve received the email you’ve set up to deliver your freebie, then it’s time to deliver it to the world. Your next step is getting traffic which I’ll talk about extensively in future blog posts. You can learn about how to promote your business on twitter here and how to grow your business with webinars here.

Before you go, do me three favors:

  1. If you got a lot out of this post, be sure to share it. The more shares, the more I know this content was awesome and to write more on the subject.
  2. Download the Booming Business Funnel Checklist below. I’d hate to see you go without it. In this 17 page comprehensive step-by-step checklist, I lay out the exact sequence my team follows to create my pages. I wrote this up for my team members so they know exactly what to do to create my pages. Now you’ll have it too.
    Marketing Funnel Image
  3. Leave a comment below. I LOVE to hear from you…if you have a question, leave that too.

Thanks for being a part of my #BizBoomer Community. You Rock for Following Your Entrepreneurial Dreams. Keep Following Your Passions and Your Dreams!

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BBP Ep 007: Boom Your Business Like a Rock Star With Kimra Luna

BBP Ep 007: Boom Your Business Like a Rock Star With Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna is the super-star phenom who rose to insta-fame with the launch of her trademark program, Be True Brand You. While her epic success may seem sudden, it was a long time coming. Her story is one of passion, heart, and determination combined with a love of people and a willingness to give. She’s graced the pages of Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Business Insider, and was recently interviewed by Gary Vee.

Now before you disqualify the lessons you’re about to behold with ideas of, “she is an overnight success…”, or “she had it easy…”, think again.

It’s easy to look at the success of rock-star marketers and assume the gains were easily had, but often the opposite is true. This is the very reality of Kimra’s hard knocks story and her efforts to blaze a trail to success and fortune.

I’ve known Kimra for the better part of a decade. When we first met, I was the #1 earner in a network marketing company. We met through her in-laws just shortly before she and Seth were married.

At that time, Kimra was floundering. She stepped away from her career as a concert promoter to follow her heart and love of Seth. Young, restless, and without direction, she sought to find her way and determine her career path. Shortly after, she was pregnant with her first son, Oliver.
Kimra Luna

Kimra and I developed a wonderful relationship and I was honored to be present during the labor of Oliver. I would have been there for the birth had I not needed to jet away for a speaking engagement.

A few years followed without much change. Kimra and Seth now had two boys and were living with the in-laws, searching for ideas to create the life they envisioned. They both poured themselves into personal development, created a clear vision of how they wanted their life to be, and took risks to take steps forward.

So how did Kimra Luna catapult herself from a welfare check to over $1 million in earnings? How did this pixie chic with blue hair rock the catacombs of “you should do it this way” marketing legends to blaze a new path of product development, delivery, and #tribe growth? How did she defy the pre-conceived patterns of social media marketing to boom a Facebook Group, Freedom Hackers Mastermind, with over 25,000 raving, engaged fans?

I believe in giving as much value as I can. - Kimra Luna Click To Tweet

Grab your notebook, pen, and highlighter and listen to this epic interview with online marketing’s inspirational rockstar, Kimra Luna. Extract the golden nuggets, apply her “turn-it-around” philosophy, and rock your own results into a new orbit.

Then, register for the Brand Builder Master Class and learn how you can create a #rockstar Brand that Booms Your Business.

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Wondering if Twitter is worth your time? Or what it can do for your business?

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Or, are you at the “What the heck is Twitter?” point? Or, how to promote your business on twitter???

At the beginning of 2015, I didn’t give a hoot about Twitter (gasp!). Quite frankly, it wasn’t even on my radar. I was knees deep in Facebook Ads, Instagram and direct traffic to promote my business. I wasn’t really sure what Twitter was or how one would use it to promote themselves or their business. It looked like a big waste of time to me.

That all changed when three things happened:

  1. Periscope was unleashed. I LOVE IT, use it, and promote with it. It’s directly connected to Twitter so I knew I needed to start building a following and learn it.
  2. Facebook shut down my ads account. Yes. It really did happen. After two nights of cold sweats, I decided I’d look at other social media platforms to get my lead gen back on track.
  3. I met Jennifer Lehner in Freedom Hackers Mastermind.

Jen’s not your typical “guru”.

She’s about the humblest person I’ve met. She’s not prone to bragging about her extraordinary skills on Twitter or her uncanny ability to know about the latest-greatest social media tool before anyone else does. That’s why I’m her biggest fan. JEN IS THE BOMB. Her Facebook Group, the Front Row, is an amazing community where you’ll learn about everything that’s new in digital marketing.

I spotted a post from Jen online and asked her if she would show me Periscope. We had never met and at that point weren’t even “friends”. Still, she said YES! The next day, we spent an hour on Skype and she walked me through Periscope. Since then, I’ve sold more than $30K of my Periscope Mastery course…and I give Jen all the credit. I would never had been able to show you how to use Periscope to successfully promote your business, gain more followers, create online influence, and more if she hadn’t been the first to give me the scoop! She knows her stuff inside and out. So, when Facebook turned me off, my next question to her was:

How to Promote Your Business on Twitter?

I’m not going to layout the entire plan here…you’ll hear it all in the Podcast. But know this: Jen’s advice on how to promote your business on twitter gave me substantial results FAST. I grew my followers organically to over 8,500. On a monthly basis, I have more than 35,000 checking out my profile. My tweet engagement has gone up substantially. Here’s today’s stats:

Screenshot 2016-01-28 16.47.07

Pretty awesome, right?

Numbers don’t lie. I’m getting a lot of attention on Twitter. Most importantly, that attention is turning into leads and sales.

So how can you promote your business on Twitter and get the attention you need to #BOOM?

In today’s episode, Jen shares how to promote your business on twitter with simple, effective strategies you can use to:

  • create a profile people love to follow,
  • connect with your target market,
  • engage other influencers,
  • grow your list and sell your products,
  • and more!

If you put what Jen shares to work, you’ll soon be using Twitter as a powerful marketing tool to #BoomYourBusiness. To really step up your Twitter game, become of member of Jen’s course, Bird Nerds! It’s the fastest way to grow your targeted audience on Twitter.

Anybody who has a Twitter handle, is someone you can contact. That's not true on any other… Click To Tweet

To get you #rocking, I’ve put together a 7 Day Twitter Challenge you can download by clicking here. Follow the instructions and the check-sheet to get more followers, more engagement, and more people coming to your profile daily.

Twitter Images

Hope over to #BIZBOOMERSCOMMUNITY for help with the challenge. I’m putting a video up to help you get these strategies to work!

Take a second to tell us what you thought of this episode! Leave a comment below.


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Rock Your Webinars With Amy Porterfield’s Webinar Strategy

Rock Your Webinars With Amy Porterfield’s Webinar Strategy

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Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll take away from today’s episode with Amy Porterfield.

  • How Amy Used Webinars to Launch a 7-Figure Online Business
  • The Questions To Ask To Know If You Should Be Using Webinars In Your Business
  • A Powerful Way to Become Profitable With Webinars…Even If You Don’t Have a Product!
  • The Full-Proof Method to Know If Webinars Will Work For You…(Before You Spent Time or Money On Them)
  • The “Newbie” Mistakes You Want to Avoid (And How To Side-Step Them Like a Pro)
  • How to Have a Super Thrilling Q & A Session Your Viewers Will LOVE!
  • Amy’s Advice on Automated Webinars
  • The Best Webinar Tools
  • Super Engaging Way to Increase Attendance on Your Webinars
  • How Amy Gets 12,000+ Registered Guests For Her Webinars
  • What’s Reasonable In Terms of “Show Rate”
  • How To Increase the Success & Sales Conversions on Your Webinars

To Download the Transcript and Action Guide, Click Here Now.


What do you do when one of your online marketing idols agrees to be a guest on your podcast?

A happy dance of course 😉

That’s exactly what I was doing when Amy Porterfield said “YES!!!” to being a guest on my podcast. (I even have witnesses)

A year ago, I didn’t even know who Amy was….whaaaaat? But in 2015, she rocked my world. This chic has it GOING ON! Not only is she earning millions online, she’s super cool, wickedly funny, and just..well..NICE! Seriously! Sweet as pie.

How I Connected With Amy and #BOOMed With Her Webinar Training

A few days after the New Year, I penned a post “The Surprising Lessons I Learned in 2015…”. Last year was a year of transformation for me. A big part of that transformation was my commitment to shannon & amystudy and learning, I devoured course after course on marketing, branding, blogging, finance, and more.

I purchased a course with Amy’s affiliate link because I liked the bonuses she was offering (they were really juicy!), including a special course on webinars. I’ve done webinars for years but wanted to increase my registrations, tune-in rate, and conversions. The bonuses Amy doled out were worth more than the $2,000 I paid for the original course! She poured on the Awesomeness. It included a member’s only Bonus site and a weekend retreat in San Diego. The retreat was amazing and focused on how to scale a business to the 7-figure level by focusing on income-driving activities. It was an amazing networking event, I learned a ton, and made some new business besties.

Amy Porterfield’s Webinar Bonus Changed How I Do Webinars

There’s a few big changes I’ve made in my webinars that have made a solid improvement in my conversions and sales. In today’s podcast, I asked Amy questions focused on helping you maximize your results with webinars. Amy shares tips and strategies, including some painful mistakes to avoid, so you can get your business #BOOMing with webinars.

Webinars are a home run for anybody that has an online training course. @Amy Porterfield Click To Tweet

Since the moment I clicked on Amy’s affiliate link to now, I’ve listened to a plethora of her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast episodes, applied lessons from her Show Notes Worksheets, remodeled my business to include her advice and guidance, and increased my following, sales, and revenue with strategies she suggested I employ.

SheScreenshot 2016-01-18 17.59.16 even inspired me to do this podcast (and helped with the naming!).

At the retreat, Amy gave me a bit of “non-webinar” advice I’ll pass on to you as an extra bonus…include your searchable keyword in the title of your podcast. Hence, the Booming BUSINESS Podcast and Amy’s ONLINE MARKETING made easy.

I could go on and on about how amazing Amy is. It’s pretty evident I’m a fan. My advice, YOU SHOULD BE TOO! She’ll rock your world and help you get #rockstar results in your business. To attend Amy’s upcoming Free Master Class, click here now!.


Get Your Free Copy Of The Booming Business Webinar Prep Checklist

To help you put what you’re learning in today’s podcast to work in your business, I created a special Action Guide: “The Booming Business Webinar Checklist”. Click here now and you’ll get the PDF Download PLUS the Full Audio Transcription so you can read along while you listen, highlight, take notes, and put it to action.


Enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how you’ll be using this training in your business.

Much love,

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