Traffic, Conversions and Authenticity with Igor Kheifets

Traffic, Conversions and Authenticity with Igor Kheifets

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Wow! What an interview with Igor Kheifets, the marketing genius behind Igor’s list. Igor’s list is the number-one resource for solo ads, Top marketers around the world turn to Igor’s list for quality traffic that converts.  In this episode we dove into everything from authenticity in marketing to opening up your money flows.

In this episode, Igor and I bantered about how to dramatically increase conversions. Using Bridge Pages, story-telling and authentic communication higher conversions can be achieved. When marketer’s utilize Igor’s list and buy solo ads, they want conversions, not just traffic.
With over a decade of experience in online marketing, Igor has had incredible results growing Igor’s list. He has a database of clients that touts many 7-figure network marketers and affiliate marketers. Igor’s advice is income generating gold.

His new course, The Ultimate Bridge Page System, is helping new marketers who buy solo ads transform their rote funnels into online conversion machines. It’s powerful training on how to gain more customers with authentic communication addressing the primary reasons people buy.

Not Just For Igor’s List Customers…

This training isn’t just for people who buy solo ads from Igor’s list. It’s for any marketers who wants to increase conversions across any platform, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, Twitter posts and more. When marketing, your primary goal should be a high conversion rate from that traffic. That means buyers.

Igor’s training on Bridge Pages is essential to every marketer. This is a skill that will reward you with better returns on your marketing investments.

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Why smart marketers turn to Igor and Igor’s List

With over a decade of proven results, Igor’s List is a valuable asset to marketers internationally. Igor is a proven authority on traffic and driving traffic for successful growth in business. The value in this episode is priceless. Grab todays show notes here and implement the training right away.

Igor is generously giving my listeners a 50% discount on the Ultimate Bridge Page Video course here. Get it now, before it disappears. To get started with solo ads and benefit from Igor’s list, click here.

Tune into the next episode of the Booming Business Podcast for more great advice on how to Boom Your Business with effective, money-in-the-door marketing strategies.


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Becoming a Virtual CEO with Chris Ducker

Becoming a Virtual CEO with Chris Ducker

Back in 2002, I was trudging to my job as a high school Biology teacher, hating every minute of it. A few short months later, I was a Virtual CEO earning more in a month than it took me an entire year to earn as a Biology Teacher. In this podcast episode, you’re going to get the inside scoop on how you too can become a Virtual CEO from best-selling author Chris Ducker. Chris is the founder of YouPreneur, the author of Virtual Freedom, and creator of Virtual Staff Finder in addition to an in-demand podcast guest, podcast host, and

How to Become a Virtual CEO

There’s two ways you can run your business: work IN your business or work ON your business. Far too often, entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of working IN their business. They take on a lot of the hats – finance, sales, creation, marketing, etc. and continue to wear them far beyond the point that they need too with no plan for transition or escape. The end result is 12 – 14 hour days and limited growth. Most entrepreneurs are not a jack of all trades…so even though they are getting stuff completed, it may not be of the potential or quality it could be by bringing someone amazing on board.

Why Do People Struggle With Hiring and Outsourcing?

There’s a few reasons. The first is a lack of organization. A good number of new business owners are “winging it”. They have a routine they developed to get tasks needed done but haven’t established any type of organization to their business. Creating an organization board or chart that lists the divisions and tasks is a great first step on getting clarity in what is needed to expand the business..

Second is cost. Most entrepreneurs think it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to hire good people to offload tasks to. They are concerned about investing in new people and not getting good return on it. Chris’s company, Virtual Staff Finder, solves this problem by giving entrepreneurs access to talented workers who virtual staff finderoperating on international pay-rates…a fraction of North American or European Wages. Virtual Staff Finder also provides resources and training to help entrepreneurs lean how to outsource and manage an international team, as well as find talented workers. Virtual Staff Finder makes it easy for you to start off-loading some of the tasks others can easily do, like social media management, email management, web development, etc.

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Third, is a fear of “bad hires”. There’s a tremendous amount of confusion when it comes to how to hire, what to look for, what to ask, and what do to to ensure your new hire is ready to do a great job. The fear of wasting time, energy, and money with the wrong person can have a business owner avoid hiring all together. Fact is, without hiring good people, a business is limited and won’t expand.

By survey, business owners hate hiring.  My process helps you hire the right person, the first time and every time… no headaches.  The people you choose will change the trajectory of your company (and life) for unprecedented growth!” – David Lee Jensen, Founder/CEO, The Hiring Academy

Lastly, is overwhelm. Often, entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed with what they currently have to do that the idea of slowing down to interview, hire, and hat a new staff member add to the stress. The way to handle this is to make it a part of your daily or weekly routine. In reality, if you’re so overwhelmed you can’t hire then you really need to hire. Your resistance, fear or avoidance to hiring has led to the overwhelm and the solution is to start expansion of your organization to handle and increase your growth. If you make hiring a part of your standard operating basis, you’ll soon find yourself relieved of many of the time consuming tasks so you can focus on your zone of genius.

On your path to becoming a Virtual CEO…

Here’s a list of steps you can easily follow to become a Virtual CEO:

  1. Create a list of ALL the tasks required for the success of your business.
  2. Organize those tasks into Processes that can be followed by a new employee. For example, create a process for Social Media posting or Packaging and Shipping.
  3. Enroll in Virtual Staff Finder and begin the basic training on how to find excellent outsourced staff
  4. Sign up for Asana. In my opinion, Asana is the #1 Project Management Software. You’ll love it!
  5. Sign up for The Hiring Academy. You’ll learn exactly how to become an expert at hiring the right person, the first time and everytime.
  6. Expand your business wildly while creating more time for you!

Love this podcast on how to become a Virtual CEO? 

Get started with Chris Ducker’s community, YouPreneur. It’s an environment for you to connect, collaborate and grow with fellow entrepreneurs. Sign up for my free training and podcast announcements below. You’ll be glad you did! We have excellent guests who bring A-lister advice direct to you.


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Get Motivated In Life with Carrie Wilkerson

Get Motivated In Life with Carrie Wilkerson

Ready to kick things up into high gear and need some solutions to get motivated in life and business? This episode is for you.

Carrie Wilkerson is the best-selling author of The Barefoot Executive, an international speaker, and a sought-after radio guest. Featured on CNN and Fox Business News and named by Forbes as a top small business influencer, Carrie enjoys helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives by connecting the dots between their WHY and their DO in building the business they need to live the life they want.

Carrie discovered and honed her strategic motivation jump-start plan, when she put the super-charge in her own motivationt to turn her life around. She has paid off over six figures in debt, lost over half her body weight (135 pounds), and runs several successful businesses from home. In this episode she shares the same strategies on how to get motivated in life that she employed to rock her own results…fast! She’s also the proud momma of 4 kids, ages elementary through college and makes it all work…which is pretty freaking impressive!

In this episode of the Booming Business Podcast, you’ll learn how to get motivated in life and business with real strategies you can start using now. Her advice is top notch, filled with real-world strategies on how to up-level your game in life in business.

I love her practical approach to how to rev up your mojo to fuel your hustle and create your own breakthroughs.

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Simple Strategies on Get Motivated in Life

Routines, habits, and the “ho-hum” of everyday life can lead to a lull, boring and unfulfilling life. If you’ve found yourself in the day-in, day-out, same ‘ol same ‘ol, with nothing really exciting or dynamic happening, you’re not alone. Millions of people have been there. Exceptional people wake up one day and say “Enough!!”. They realize, like you, that it’s time to step up the game and get motivated in life and business. It’s time to step into another level of success.

But now you need some strategies and want to know how to break out of the box and how to get motivated in life!

What’s really going to create that thrust…the one that gets you bounding out of bed at 5am? What’s going to get you to turn the TV off, put the popcorn down, and step up your game.

Carrie’s practical “Big Picture” strategies will put the jet-fuel in your Get It Done engines and help you step out of the average into the GREAT. She gives you even more dynamic coaching in her 7 Day Video Series to help you Boost Productivity and Income fast. Get that here.

Want more to get motivated in life and stay there?

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to get the scoop when a new episode of the Booming Business Podcast hits iTunes. You can also listen to recent episodes from Grant Cardone and Jeff McMahon – both are filled with incredible strategies to get motivated in life.


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How to Sell On Webinars

How to Sell On Webinars

If you plan on doing online marketing, selling coaching, courses, or any other type of product, at some point you’ll be doing webinars and need to know how to sell on webinars. Webinars are the online presentations we use to give value to our followers, introduce our products, and sell online.

It’s important to learn how to sell on webinars so you increase your conversions and make the experience great for both you and your guests. When I was just starting out, selling on webinars was the hardest thing to do. I would often times go so fast during the sales process, I’d lose people. Or, I wouldn’t use the proper language or the psychological selling tools that push the right buttons so people buy. Many of my first webinars were chock full of value…so much so that it was overwhelming for the audience. I gave too much content and didn’t sell enough.

I had to learn how to sell on webinars!

And yes, there is a very specific way to do it. There are certain things to say, specific ways to present the value of your product, and psychological triggers that cause people to buy. Knowing them and employing them correctly is critical to your success with webinars.

Learning How to Sell On Webinars

I’ve done over 1,000 webinars since starting online in 2004. When I started doing online marketing, webinars weren’t even a thing. The only real option was GoToWebinar and it was a tech nightmare. Around 2009, webinars really started to take off. With the evolution of tech, the start of Google Hangouts on Air, and the webinar technology like WebinarJam Studio, webinars have become easier than ever for anyone to do.

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I learned most of what I know about webinars simply through trial and error. But my webinars got really good, and I learned how to sell on webinars in Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert course. Amy’s course made the different for me and now I run webinars that sell 100% of the time. I had the great honor of interviewing her for the Booming Business Podcast recently, and she dropped so many golden nuggets to help you rock your business with webinars.

How To Sell On Webinars – The Summary

While I can’t tell you everyone I learned in Webinars That Convert, I’m sharing a few pointers to help you learn how to sell on webinars. Mostly, it’s an art that you’ll develop with practice, experience, and applying what Amy teaches in the course. Follow the tips in this infographic for a streamlined approach to mapping out your webinar.
how to sell on webinars

What tools are best for selling on webinars:

Here’s the list of tools I use to create great webinars:

1. Clickfunnels – I use clickfunnels to create all my registration squeeze pages. I have also used clickfunnels to run my webinars, however, I much prefer WebinarJam for the actual hosting of the webinar.

2. WebinarJamStudio and EverWebinar – I love this suite of products. I run my webinars with Webinarjam Studio and my automated webinars with EverWebinar.

3. Keynote or Powerpoint – I use Keynote to make my slides. Just starting out, you can use one of the basic templates they have there or grab one from Once you have a growing list and followers, get a custom template designed on You want your template to match your branding. For a great how-to on branding, watch this webinar.

4. Social Promotion – I use to automate my promotional posts. It’s easy to schedule a blast of posts to promote your webinars.

It’s Action Time!

You know how the basics of how to sell on webinars and a checklist to get you rocking. I created a Perfect Webinar Checklist you can download, print, and use to set up, promote, and launch your webinars.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you liked this post and what you learned that will help you in your business.


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7 Ways to Get More Subscribers On Your List

7 Ways to Get More Subscribers On Your List

In this post, I’ll show you 7 ways to get more subscribers on your list. Your email list is the #1 asset in your business. It contains the names of every person who has demonstrated an interest in your business or products. It contains the names of your customers and future customers. It’s the database of people you can immediately sell to, generating revenue for your business. So, it’s important to your attention on marketing and promotion to get more subscribers!

Why You Need to Get More Subscribers Now

The people and businesses who fail to put attention on list building and new innovative ways to get more subscribers, fail to grow. That’s the truth of it. You can put a ton of attention on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc, but with the goal of converting your followers, friends, likes and hearts into opt-in subscribers on your list.

The name of the game online is conversions. The first step is converting a viewer/visitor into an opt-in subscriber. Next, it’s converting that subscriber into a customer. That’s done through really effective follow-up. Finally, it’s converting that customer into a loyal customer, who buys repeatedly.

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The money is in the list…and it’s the #1 reason you need to get more subscribers. Yes, you can make quite a bit with a small list. But, if you can earn with a small list, imagine what is possible with a larger list!!

Check your in-box now. How many promotional emails do you have? How many offers for sales? Look at the companies sending you e-mails. They get it. They know that having you on their list is of the upmost value because it’s their direct communication line. They put a lot of effort and attention to get more subscribers.

Those companies could place an ad but you may not see it. They could post a banner, but you might miss it. But your email inbox is checked pretty much everyday…if not multiple times a day. It’s where you are most likely to get the communication, see the promotion, and get interested.

Think of The Person When You Start to Get More Subscribers

There are tons of great ways to get more subscribers to your list. It all boils down to content and value. To entice someone to give you their email address, you have to exchange something of value with them.

This is called a freebie. The point of the freebie isn’t just to get more subscribers. It’s to convince your viewer that they want what you are offering and it’s valuable enough for them to subscribe. Once they opt-in it’s now important that you deliver something awesome. It could be a future discount coupon, an e-book, a training, a video, etc. Whatever it is, it’s your first opportunity to impress your new subscriber. It’s your first (and potentially your last if you slack on this) opportunity to demonstrate that they WANT to be on your list…that you’ll provide more value, more help, more goodness to their in-box.

7 Methods to Get More Subscribers Now

Download the following Infographic and put these methods to work. They all work super well. In the Booming Business Funnel course, I’ve dedicated an entire module to crafting your opt-in funnel and delivering great content, so you can build a list of people who love what you offer and want to buy.




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How to Outsource and Find Great People with Trivinia Barber

How to Outsource and Find Great People with Trivinia Barber

Holy Cow…you’re ready to expand and are wondering how to outsource?
First, let’s address the elephant in the room.
what is a virtual assistant
Hiring is scary as sh*t. I have yet to meet anyone who was excited, enthusiastic, or felt 100% capable when it comes to hiring.
Big companies down to solo-preneurs all have the same concerns:
  • How do I find the right person for the job?
  • How will I know they are the right person?
  • What if I hire the wrong person?
  • What do I do with the person after I hire them?

Hiring is a subject that every entrepreneur stresses about and many even avoid..for a lot longer than they should. But, let’s face it. If you have the intention of a Booming Business, there’s a limit to what you can do. The next step is to figure out how to outsource or hire great people!

You start your business with the intention of growing it and expanding. You may wear all the hats when you start, but at some point, it’s time to delegate. I’m sure you can think of tasks you are doing right now you would rather someone else do.

That’s where Trivinia Barber comes in, owner of Priority VA and the gal behind the scenes of Amy Porterfield’s mega-enterprise. Trivinia’s business is helping to match you with the perfect Virtual Assistant who has the skills, drive, and personality matching your business needs. She’s here to teach you how to outsource like a pro and grow a team who’s got your back in business.

What is a Virtual Assistant and How to Outsource?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a skilled entrepreneur who hires themselves out for specific services. VA’s provide services with everything from administrative help to social media management to launch support…and just about everything in-between.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses would rather outsource than hire. Hiring a staff member comes with some limitations and liabilities. Your talent pool is relatively local, you are required to pay certain taxes and follow a number of laws you’ll need to know about. Hiring a full-time employee can be rather cost prohibitive.

But how do you outsource? Outsourcing is a beneficial alternative to traditional hiring. Outsourcing enables you to contract a skilled, qualified independent agent to do work for you, often times from afar. Even major corporations have turned to outsourcing to scale their operations throughout the world. With the advancements in technology, it’s easy to stay in touch, check on the work, and accomplish much more with talented people who may not be local to you. It’s a win-win for both you and the professional you are hiring. They maintain their autonomy, have more flexibility in their schedule, and benefit from tax-breaks only available to business owners. This is why a lot of moms choose to work from home as virtual assistants.

What Should You Outsource?

Let’s get into how to outsource. Visit Trivinia’s site to pick up her free ebook: 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant. There are quite a few jobs that are prime for outsourcing. I currently outsource my graphic design, video editing, social media posting, and administrative duties, like emails, calendar, etc. You can find amazing people to create your how to outsourcefunnels, design your websites, write your copy, create graphics, and more.

Many business owners initiate their expansion with a virtual assistant and outsourcing. They had the same question, “What is a virtual assistant?”, and came to discover a VA is not just a well-honed professional, but often times a life-saver! VA’s can have a vast array of skills, from administrative to design and web development. Many VA’s are excellent project planners and do a great job helping you get your work done. They provide the extra help to do the things that aren’t necessarily in your zone of genius. When the going gets tough and over-whelming, a VA can be your best asset.

You can choose to outsource on your own through many of the outsourcing sites online or you can turn to Trivinia who’s expertise is in matching the perfect outsourced professional with your business.

Understand the Benefits/Risks Before You Outsource

First, you have to know what you want. Then, you have to find the right person. I’ve personally had my share of hiring nightmares, which is why I turn to experts including Trivinia for advice in this area. There are risks involved in hiring, especially if your contractors are requiring you to pay upfront. It’s important to work out contracts, see ample examples of work, and agree to an initial “trial” period where deposits can be refunded.

But the benefits of hiring are huge. One of the greatest benefits of having a VA is having someone complete tasks that are more administrative than income producing. Businesses require upkeep actions such as financial management, emailing, answering phone calls, taking appointments, filing, etc. VA’s can do all of this and more, freeing up your time to do what you do best and that is the fundamental push in your business.

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Expert Direction from Trivinia Barber on How to Outsource

In this episode of the Booming Business Podcast, I interviewed Trivinia Barber on how to outsource and find great peopled. She gives amazing advice on how to prep for hiring a VA, what to outsource, and how to hire. I highly recommend her company Priority VA, as she vets all her VA’s and does her best to ensure there is great alignment with you, your business, your VA, and your VA’s skill set.

Trivia takes to heart the needs and wants of her clients, matching them with ideal VA candidates who are the most likely best fit. She is well known for her diligence in only bringing the best VA’s to her team, offering the best candidates to her clients.

Trivia gives you the inside scoop on how to know when you need a VA, the best practices for hiring a VA, what to look out for, and mistakes to avoid. Not every VA is right for every business, and Trivinia shares with you WHY.

Listen to the episode above or watch the full video below.


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