04 Dream Snipers: Overcome Fear of Failure

how to overcome fear of failure

 In today's podcast, I'm going to give you  great strategies to overcome fear of failure, move past doubt and handle rejection. To listen on mobile, click here. Watch the video. We've all been there.  Stuck, struggling and frustrated with our results. Scared like hell … [Read more...]

Power Pay Review: Find a Different Provider

Important Update on Credit Card

I wrote this post last year, but today, I included an update that you'll see below. The original post was from October 29th, 2013...almost 18 months ago. What's changed is quite shocking. I wrote this PowerPay review for you to help you with three things: Understanding the … [Read more...]

What is Mobilegeddon and Does It Matter To You?

What the Heck is

You've probably seen a post or two...or perhaps a hundred about "Mobilegeddon". You may have glazed over it not really understanding what it is or if it even matters to you. You might even be practicing some good avoidance tactics, quickly hopping over any mention of it, dazed in … [Read more...]

Update: Facebook Is Changing How You Can Post to Groups Using Third-Party Automation Services


Yep! They're at it again. Just when we think we have this whole Facebook think figured out, Facebook is changing how you can post to groups using third-party automation services. Social media is a valuable part of my business model. Probably yours too. To keep everything … [Read more...]