To say that Tim Sales is a “legend” in the network marketing industry would be…well..

a bit of an understatement.

He’s been a beacon of inspiration in the industry since 1989.

Tim Sales and Larry King

Tim Sales Interviewed Live by Larry King

To date he’s the only guy in Network Marketing that Larry King has called upon to refute the naysayers of our booming industry.

And his recent announcement has rocked the industry to it’s core…(video below)

From the Navy to Network Marketing

Tim’s early career, prior to Network Marketing, was as a member of the elite US Navy EOD unit (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). He worked for 11 years, alongside his teammates, defusing live bombs in the Pacific. As you can imagine, there is no room for error in this position and ever detail must be mastered.

Tim learned quickly how to master tasks and do them right…every time. He learned that it took practice, drilling, more practice, more drilling and even more of the same to become an expert in any profession. He applied this strategy for mastery to his network marketing business.

Towards the end of his tour with the US Navy, he joined an MLM in 1989. His introduction to MLM was rather simple…he answered an ad in the Washington Post. He started part-time while he was still finishing his tour and after two years committed to his venture full time. After only five years, he was earning over $150,000 a month from network marketing and his team had grown to over 56,000 people.  More than 2,400 new distributors per month were entering from 20 different countries.

Tim’s successful experience and knowledge has made him a much sought after trainer, speaker and advisor. More so, he has become a legend in our industry.

Simply put, he is the master in this industry. He is the Zig Zigler and Dale Carnegie all rolled into one power packed person who takes MLM and makes it something anybody could succeed at. He’s delivered well over 10,000 presentations and training sessions to over 117,000 people all over the world. Tim’s signature training approach involves his ability to teach mastery of each component within the business. In addition, he possesses a clever capacity to simplify the most complex issues in the network marketing learning process. (from

You may know Tim best for creating the video Brilliant Compensation which has been viewed more than 44,000,000 times. This one video Brilliant Compensationtransformed the MLM industry, giving credibility to our industry by explaining how residual income is a necessary component for any person’s financial plan. He clarified and demystified the concept of residual income, crushing the misconceptions of “pyramid scams” and provided valid education to help people understand how MLM works.

Over 1 million people have been educated properly about network marketing through Brilliant Compensation. It has quickly earned the distinction of “the standard” by which all tools will be measured. For past two decades Tim has spent his time advising top Network Marketing companies on how to train their people, increase retention, increase product retail sales and advanced policies and procedures.

So how has Tim Sales Rocked the Industry?

His passion for helping people and love for the Network Marketing industry inspired Tim to provide training and education over the last 20 years. Tim first rocked the industry by providing real education and skill training that worked. Rather than the hype and “fluff-n-stuff” like “go talk to more people…”, Tim’s training has proven the test of time and has helped over 1 million people.

During that time, he also remained a top earning distributor for one of the largest network marketing companies internationally. He has received countless multi-million dollar offers to become the master distributor of start-up MLM companies and top network marketing companies. He had no intentions of ever diverting from his network marketing company and wasn’t “for sale”.

So, why did he make this industry rocking move? Watch in Tim’s own words.

After 12 years in the network marketing industry, and millions of dollars in profits, I decided the absolute best move I could make was to join Tim Sales, how I now call my friend and neighbor. Click here to partner with Tim and myself.

Tim’s recent move is providing you a “once-in-a-lifetime” chance to work with Tim and his team of top earning leaders who have joined him in creating the ideal network marketing company. A company with real products, real customers, a compensation plan that pays the best in the industry (not hype…just fact) and training that helps new team members become successful marketers. The executives at Ariix have combined the best elements of the industry to create the fastest growing (…we actually set a new world record), network marketing company on the planet.

To date, we’ve had 5 MLM companies shut their doors and join us and countless top distributors from around the world join our team. Learn more about Ariix here.