Are you doing “online marketing” but still
have no influence, no customers, and no clue?

I’m guessing you’re here because…

bullet pointYOU’VE GOT GOALS: You’re passionate about building a thriving business and living a life by your own design.

bullet pointYou want to be with your family, traveling the world, living an adventure, and making a difference…with a business that financially supports your freedom.

bullet pointYou’re ready to say “bye-bye” to building someone else’s dream.

You’re ready to start making real money with your business, bullet pointcut out the overwhelm and create a kick-ass strategy that will make your business an easy-flowing, cash-generating success machine.

…Did I get that about right?

Right now, your business seems more like a cash draining succubus than a dream creating income machine.

You’re struggling to make money, are trying to figure this “online marketing” thing out, and you’re banging your head against the wall watching other folks rock it online while you burn the midnight oil to make….nothing (or nearly nothing). 

You’ve got Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope accounts but have no idea how they all fit together in your business…or what the heck to do on them to get noticed.

I know what it’s like to struggle with overwhelm, wonder what the hell is the right thing to do, and be distracted by all the “you should do this or that.”. When all you really want to know is…

What Do I Do To Make Money!!

I get it. I’ve been there too. I know you’re freaking out thinking what will happen if you don’t make this work…and worried you won’t be able to find the “IT” that that will crack the case.

Cool new is, you’re here.

And I can show you the fast way out of the shit-storm you’re stuck in.

I’m Shannon Lavenia, a mom, wife, successful and passionate entrepreneur who figured out how to kick ass in my business, enjoy life and balance it all. I went from drowning in debt to creating a super awesome 7-figure online enterprise.

I help entrepreneurs just like you follow their dreams and create passion-fueled, super successful businesses using proven, simple, and easy online strategies that work.

You want to know what my “break-through” was? The one that picked me up from crying on the bathroom floor to walking stages celebrating my 7-figure success?

Well, to put it quite simply, I got crystal clear on my business plan and laser focused on a very specific goal. 

I followed that up with a ton of “on purpose” action, all dictated by my plan.

I cured myself of “shiny object syndrome” and stopped comparing my insides to other people’s outsides…I tossed the “look at her” envy, and started to measure my own results against my own results….getting better and better week after week until I cracked my first $20K month, then my first $50K month, then my first $100K month.

I know you’ve been through course after course, webinar after webinar.

Been there, done that.

You’re left with little bits of know-how on a lot of different things with no real plan to put it together…you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, and probably even confused.

It’s kind of like having a bunch of puzzle pieces that don’t really fit together…and no picture on the box to figure it out.

It’s information overload and it almost had me give up on my hopes, dreams, and a better life. That would have sucked!

When I started marketing online, I had a lot of the pieces and a cool goal in mind, but no action plan or clear path to get me there.

I finally realized that I needed a plan, a website, and some help.

I created a strategy planner called the Booming Business Profit Blueprint. I laid the entire plan out for my business, including marketing projects, and got to work.

Then, I got someone to show me some tech stuff to make it easy. Personally, I f****!!&@#&@* hate doing anything techy so I wanted it to be simple and easy, so I wouldn’t feel the urge to throw my computer on the floor.

And, I ignored the shiny distractions and worked from my BluePrint.

I narrowed my focus and only concentrated on things that were in-line with my new strategic plan.

And then, my business BOOMED!

(in a totally, 100% AWESOME way!)

From Zero to Sixty practically overnight!

I can help you do the exact same thing.

I Do Four Things Really, Really Well…and they help my clients rock their online presence, attract awesome customers, and put cash in the bank.


  • Help you create a BOOMING BUSINESS PROFIT BLUEPRINT for your business that aligns your PURPOSE, GOALS, and BUSINESS in a way that fires you up. This tosses out any confusion and replaces it with a clear, on-purpose, action plan so you know what to do and when to do it.
  • Create a Marketing Strategy that Rocks Your Online Influence, Grows Your List, and Brings Cash In the Door. We’ll map out the exact marketing platforms to use, put the plan together on how to use them, and get them producing fast.
  • Show You How to Get Your Entire Online Systems Rocking So You’ve Got a Website, Marketing Funnels, and A Rapidly Growing List…all in the easiest, least techy, “anyone can do it” way.
  • Cheerlead. Yes. You got it, I said cheerlead. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road filled with nay-sayers and dream-stealers, While I’m helping you create your online rock-star presence and celebrate the in-flow of sales, I’m also cheering you on along the way to keep your eye on the goal and your head straight.

You may have had thoughts of giving up, going back to that sh*t hole 9-5 that’s pretty much sucked the life-spirit out of you, and succumbing to a life of always giving your time to make someone else’s dreams come true. Take those thoughts and flush them.

Working with me will 180 that shit and get you back to being the powerhouse, dream chasing, goal achieving rockstar you TRULY ARE.

I’m a mirror for your GREATNESS.

But seriously, who am I to teach you all of this?

Well, after a decade plus of 7 figure results, 40,000+ raving fans, and 5 successful businesses, I’ve got the formula down pat.  I know how to get you on the fast track to the success your heart’s been beating the love drum for.

And as a former high-school teacher, I have a bit of a unique advantage when it comes to working with clients.


Here’s the thing:

I know how to reach goals. I was an orphan who overcame all the BS poverty crap to make millions online. And…I’m a teacher. Truth is…anyone can tell you about marketing, any wanna-be guru can slap a course together on Instagram or Facebook…but not everyone can teach you all this techy, over-complicated social media, retargeting, funnel building stuff in a way you can get it and use it. AND, keep you motivated and on track while you’re trudging up the mountain of becoming an online king or queen.

You’ve probably experienced it…courses that put you to sleep, piss you off, and leave you lost. I’m a college degreed educator who’s also made a fortune online, and overcome outrageous adversity to do it…kind of like finding that rare, once-ever-seen tropical bird. There’s no one out there like me. Someone who knows how to make bank online and teach others in a way they can understand, apply, and rock it.

My background in education makes it possible for me to meet you where you are and teach in a way that helps you understand, shine and thrive (aka: make money!).

Think of me as your money-making personal trainer, who gets your online marketing muscles pumping and looking jacked.

Got a visual? Good.

Now it’s time to book a call to see if we mesh and how I can help you become the next online biz rockstar. I’ll let you know up-front, I’m super funny, full of love, and have the mouth of a trucker. If you’re easily offended, I definitely will not be the right person to work with. If you want results and someone giving you a kick in the ass (with a smile) to get there…I could be the gal.

Ready to get started?

Enjoy all the freebies now and get on to BOOM your Business !

This episode is all about the Entrepreneur Success Story. My idea for this podcast was a way to give back, empower, motivate, inspire, and give “the goods” on what’s working right now. I’m inspired to share the lessons I’ve learned during my decade-plus journey as an entrepreneur to help you on your journey to greatness.